ACTION PACKED: Jugger is not a sport for the faint-hearted.
ACTION PACKED: Jugger is not a sport for the faint-hearted. Nick Driver

Jugger: The next epic sport you need in your life

JUGGER: It is one third quidditch, one third jousting and one third rugby league and Gympie could be at the coal face of its emergence in Queensland.

The sport of jugger, like its Harry Potter-inspired cousin quidditch has origins in the film industry.

Based on a sport that was played in the 1989 film "Salute of the Jugger" the modern adaptation is played across the world.

While aggressive on the surface, actions are well controlled and safe.

Two teams compete to win possession of the skull (the ball). One player from each team called the Quick is allowed to carry the skull and score points.

Meanwhile teammates wield spears made of foam and attempt to tag opponents to protect their Quick.

When tagged, a player must kneel, rendering themselves out of action for a short penalty count before rejoining the game.

A point is scored when a Quick carries the skull to their opponent's goal at the opposite end of the field.

After each point is scored the game restarts.

Jugger is an international sport but is particularly popular in Australia.

While it has somewhat of an underground following, Gympie Jugger president Nick Driver says the game has the potential to take-off.

"A lot of people who play it do not necessarily come from a sporting background," he said.

Not being a seasoned athlete himself, Driver took the plunge after years of contemplation and with the help of the Brisbane jugger community he was able to bring the sport to Nelson Reserve for periodic matches with a select and passionate group of locals.

This Saturday a Brisbane team, featuring some of the best players in Australia will play a showcase match at Light Horse Oval near Lake Alford, Gympie.

The action starts at 1pm.

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