Son's bashing robs upset dad of sleep

THREE weeks after Ken Carter's teenage son was brutally bashed on a Yeppoon Street, the worried father still hasn't had a decent night's sleep.

Bradley, 19, is still recovering in a Brisbane hospital after he was left badly injured while on his way home from a night out on September 5.

Ken, who has had to return to the coast for work, said he thought about his son “every minute of the day”.

“He's still in a stable condition. He's getting better bit by bit, day by day.”

Police are still hunting for the thug who savagely attacked the young man.

Bradley was found on Barry Street, in the Yeppoon CBD, about 3.10am and was rushed to Rockhampton Hospital. He was then flown to Brisbane in a critical condition.

He spent 10 days in an induced coma, fighting for his life.

Ken said there had been plenty of support for his son in the way of cards and gifts.

“It lifts his spirits. It makes you feel a bit better that there are people who care,” Ken said.

Bradley is still sore and Ken said doctors were still deciding on operations to fix his eye socket fracture.

Ken has made an emotional plea for anyone with information to come forward.

“We've got to try and stop this violence,” Mr Carter said.

“It's getting out of hand. We've got to stop this. Bradley was not a violent person.

“I always taught him to be a man and walk away and not to fight.”

The attack prompted concerned parents to start a petition on the coast against alcohol-fuelled violence.

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