Sorry, but you're not as good at driving as you think

DRIVERS are being urged to get back to road safety basics with research revealing Australians may not be as good behind the wheel as they think they are. 

The majority of Australians believe they are very good drivers however, 96 per cent of those surveyed admitted to habits that would lead to them failing their driving test.

Head of Woolworths Insurance Chris Cramond, said, "The results show over time drivers pick up habits that would not be acceptable in a test situation."

"Habits such as speeding up at an amber light and not stopping at a Stop sign increase the likelihood of a crash and could affect insurance premiums.

"The safer you drive, the safer our roads are.

"Good driving habits tend to go hand-in-hand with a good driving record, which is what insurers look at when pricing your policy.

"Regardless of how long you've been on the road, Woolworths Insurance encourages drivers to get back to basics and drive according to the road rules." he said. 

Ninety-two per cent of those surveyed claimed to be a good driver.

However, 44 per cent did agree they'd picked up bad driving habits since passing their test. Eighty-seven per cent believed they are better drivers compared to when they first took their test and 76 per cent thought they would re-pass their test if they took it today.

The most common driving discrepancies are:

•         82 per cent of drivers surveyed admitted to exceeding the speed limit
•         76 per cent speed up at amber traffic lights
•         39 per cent make illegal U turns
•         50 per cent don't manage to break before the lines at a Stop sign
•         One in four have driven over the speed limit in a school zone
•         More than one in 10 own up to driving through red lights

Generation X are the most confident drivers.

They are more likely to claim to be a good driver (94%) and believe they are better drivers since they passed their test (90%).

Generation Y are most likely to believe the rules of the test are no longer relevant once they get their P Plates.

Sixteen per cent said they had to learn how to drive like a 'normal' driver after their test.

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