Speed limit drops along Scenic Highway annoy local drivers

A DROP in speed limits on the Capricorn Coast's Scenic Hwy has driven plenty of frustrated motorists to have their say on The Morning Bulletin's website.

The stretch of road between the southern end of Kemp Beach and the northern end of Mulambin Beach, previously 80kmh, has now been rezoned to 60kmh.

The change was a result of the Department of Transport and Main Roads' speed limit review following community consultation in 2013.

On Monday, The Morning Bulletin ran a small story in the paper and online about the change.

People were divided on whether or not it was a good move.

Do you think the drop of the speed limit along Scenic Highway is a good idea?

This poll ended on 14 November 2014.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mayor Bill Ludwig yesterday said the community had plenty of opportunity to have its say during the government review process.

Cr Ludwig said the change would improve safety for locals and tourists.

Here's some of the comments on The Morning Bulletin website:

TyallaC3034: If that is the case then there should be more access roads along Tanby Road to compensate for that. As much I love the movie Driving Miss Daisy, we are not all tourists wanting to see the sights while we drive...

logicfail: The 80 zone between Kemp and Mulambin has always been a joke anyway - 80kmh to drive up a hill only to slow to 40 for a tight corner, before going down the hill and getting back to 60kmh anyway. Fair call really.

supernaturGal: Oh for goodness sake, why? It takes long enough to get from Yeppoon to Emu Park ... it's one of those drives that if you've done it a thousand times you don't really want to dawdle along it again. I'm all for safety but this speed limit stuff is getting on my nerves. If you can't safely drive at 80kmh in that area than you shouldn't have a licence.

ryder: Use Tanby Rd if you want to go to Emu Park, it is 100k most of the way. I like to the touristy thing occasionally and I am sure there are others like me.

thecatswhiskers: Every k over is a killer. Good move.

WhatTheHey: Reducing speed limits is fine for those who obey road rules. They need to be policed for the many who don't obey them. terry53: While driving on Tanby Rd at speed limit few weeks ago, in my rear view mirror I saw a car madly overtaking van on downhill section. When I started indicating right and slowing down ready to exit right into driveway, I saw same car almost close enough to be in backseat. Luckily he took evasive action to fly past.

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