ELECTRONIC EVOLUTION: Rockhampton DJ Lance Kroll will be bringing his talents to the Tropical Bloom Music Festival this month.
ELECTRONIC EVOLUTION: Rockhampton DJ Lance Kroll will be bringing his talents to the Tropical Bloom Music Festival this month. Contributed

Rockhampton spinmeister Lance in full bloom for new event

ROCKHAMPTON'S Lance Kroll caught up with Pulse this week, to chat about his upcoming DJ set as part of the new music festival, Tropical Bloom.

To be held just outside of Rockhampton on November 15 and 16, this event offers a family atmosphere while bringing you a fine selection of Australia's most talented electronic producers and DJ's.

Where are you from?

I was born in Rocky and did a bit of travelling around the Central Highlands areas, landed in Emerald for 13 years and our family made its way back to Rockhampton around 2001, and I've been here ever since.

How did you get on the line-up for Tropical Bloom?

I was fortunate enough to have met the organisers a few years back and have always been eager to get involved with anything they do. Catching up with them a few times a year at other events and sharing similar views for the music scene around CQ has built a strong relationship that I hope will continue to flourish as time goes by.

What attracted you to perform at this kind of event?

I've always been into the weird side of music and a friend invited me along to one of these events (doofs we commonly call them) and I've never looked back since. The people, the atmosphere, the amount of time you have, there's just something amazing and drawing about these events. When you're not restricted by being somewhere for 6-8 hours like a typical night out, everything, everyone changes. The whole site is set up to be explored and enjoyed, whether that be the dance floor to its decor and lighting, the unique market stalls and exquisite food, and of course the camps. Everyone contributes something positive to the doofing experience whether they're aware of it or not and it is a really great thing to be a part of.

When did you start to pursue music and perform?

It would have been about 2008/2009, I started to learn the Melbourne Shuffle and was hitting the club scene every chance I got to get out and have a boogie. One of the local DJs, Dane, at Stadium used to provide the energy on the dance floor and I wanted to start exploring that side of the scene as well. So naturally, I got on his good side and things progressed from there!

How would you describe your style of music?

That's a hard one. Depending on the artist you're following at the time, the sounds do vary greatly. Imagine something with the same tempo as Hip Hop but with the crazy bass laden drops you expect out of Dubstep, being spat out of a speaker with Tourette's syndrome. And you come out with Glitch Hop. I'm really digging a lot of Ghetto Funk lately too, which is all of the old school funky songs from around the 60s/70s being given the slap heavy bass treatment.

What is it that you love about making music and performing?

Having the ability to make those ideas come to life is a pretty awesome feeling. When DJ'ing, pulling off that crazy transition between two tracks or finding something from one track working over another is an ultimate high. Showcasing the tunes you've been digging to others and having a friend ask what that track was that you played so that they can look them up is amazing, it's like you're spreading the cheer that someone didn't know they had yet.

What would you say your performance will bring to Tropical Bloom?

I'm aiming for a chilled, funky set. Something to get people into a groovy vibe in the lead up to the night's action. There's a lot of new, really funky music hitting the scene that's taking a step back to jazz or rock roots and incorporating it great with the heavy mid tempo basslines.

What are your plans in music, do you hope to make it a full-time career?

I'm saving up to turn a room into a studio; I've got my first music project in my mind ready to rock, "Sounds of the kitchen". It's really cool what you can use to make music out of now, so I have this vision of getting people rocking on the dance floor to the sound of sizzling bacon (who doesn't like bacon, right?).

Anything else you'd like to add?

Central Queensland has been ready to pop with an underground music scene for a while now. If you're like me and looking for something different to the regular weekend grind then I urge you to come along and be a part of Tropical Bloom.

Fill up your car with friends; it's not far from home so we have a great opportunity to experience what is happening around Australia. I'd love to share a high five, drink and dance with you all!


WHAT: Tropical Bloom Music and arts Festival

WHEN: Saturday, November 15, from 2pm and Sunday, November 16, until 8pm.

WHERE: Near Rockhampton, exact location to be announced.

TICKETS: $55 presale, $85 on the gate, Under 16's free,

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