Spring into a season of style

SPRING is one of the temperate seasons; the transition period between winter and summer.

Its days are close to 12 hours long, and with increasing day length, it is a great time to get value for money when it comes to fashion.

It's the time when we say goodbye to the cardigans of yesterday and welcome a warmer kaleidoscope of textures, designs and hues to our wardrobe.

Evolution CQ's Trace Andrews said there was no better time to get creative with your fashion sense than spring.

“I think that in spring you can find the perfect segue from daytime fashion to evening wear,” she said.

“That classic Little Black Dress that you wore to work can easily double as the perfect party dress, just by adding funky accessories and a killer pair of heels.”

She said spring was the perfect time to update the wardrobe especially with '09 bringing out a variety of hot trends for all body shapes and sizes.

One of the simplest and most effective - and inexpensive - ways of updating this season is with some bold belts.

“Dressing up your outfit with a bright bold belt is one of the easiest ways to update your look,” Trace said.

“If you're wearing a black outfit, opt for a thick colourful belt that will instantly add character and style.”

Accessorising is also a fun and easy way to bring out the spring in your fashionable step.

Big earrings, bangles and necklaces, any form of bright jewellery is the best way to dress up any outfit.

And this spring-summer season bold jewellery is as hot as ever!

“Although, there is one rule of wearing it: girls, no matter what your 'BFF' says, there is such a thing as 'TOO MUCH' when it comes to wearing bold pieces of jewellery,” Trace said.

“My suggestion is to wear two pieces (either earrings and bangles or bangles and rings or rings and necklace etc.) at a time and you will look positively fabulous!”

At the other end of the scale, there's the nude hue.

Are you considering trying on something in nude?

Don't be disappointed if the first one you put on makes you look washed out - all you need is to find the perfect hue for your skin - it might be a bit more pinkish, or greyish, just keep looking and you'll find the hue that's just perfect for you!

“A slight tan can help a lot when it comes to wearing nude colours, but don't overdo it,” Trace said.

Now any outfit for spring is not complete without a colourful bag.

Colourful bags really speak for themselves, and can add a certain dynamic to any outfit.

Trace feels that within each season it's great to have that “statement” piece of clothing, and by mixing a blazer with shorts, tops and gorgeous bright jewellery you can create a “go anywhere” look with no effort at all.

Don't be afraid to mix your cool blazer with a dress or a gown for an ultra-modern twist on a classic look.

In this beautiful part of the world spring really does invite an array of colour and variety into fabrics, so make use of them.

Step outside the box and experiment, and the girls at Evolution CQ are more than happy to help.

Come in soon for your spring fashion fix.

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