Woman found not guilty of stabbing man - self defence

October 13, 2014: KIRA Ann Johnston, who was accused of stabbing a man, was found not guilty in a Rockhampton court last week.

Dylan Warry was stabbed in his side last month.
Johnston had been charged with grievous bodily harm.

October 9, 2014: DYLAN Warry felt a warm feeling down his side, then realised he had been stabbed, a Rockhampton court heard on Tuesday.

That was part of the evidence Mr Warry gave in the Rockhampton District Court during the trial of Kira Ann Johnston.

Johnston has pleaded not guilty to grievous bodily harm after she was accused of stabbing him following a friend's birthday celebration on September 8, 2012.

The court heard Dylan had earlier been at the same birthday party with Johnston.

The court then heard when the "boys" left to get some more supplies from a bottle shop and took over an hour, rather than the estimated 10 minutes, she was upset with them as the food she had been cooking had gone cold.

Following a verbal dispute Johnston went home, but the party continued, eventually ending up at the Capricorn Crescent home she shared with one of them.

The court also heard that Mr Warry, standing in front of the television while she was trying to play on the PlayStation, is what prompted Johnson to allegedly lunge at him twice, the second time with a pair of scissors, scratching him once across the chest and under each arm.

Giving evidence, Mr Warry said he had then grabbed Johnston by the throat holding her down, telling her to calm down, before his mates pulled him off and they went outside.

Later returning inside to get his smokes and a pair of sunglasses, Mr Warry described how Johnston allegedly lunged at him again, but he pushed her back and walked out.

It was then he felt the warm feeling down his side, he said.

"That is when I realised I had been stabbed with a knife," Mr Warry said.

The court heard initially his mates thought he was joking until they saw blood and called an ambulance.

During cross examination, Johnston's defence accused Mr Warry of being heavily intoxicated, consuming almost a dozen drinks containing Jim Beam and three "cones" of cannabis.

He was also accused of pushing Johnston on the couch and preventing her from getting up, physically holding her down.

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