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Knifing 000 call brings tears

PETA Airini Nocon sobbed as she listened to the triple zero call she made after fatally stabbing her 19-year-old partner with a "very large knife" in 2009.

The recording was played yesterday in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton, on the second day of Nocon's trial for the manslaughter of her former fiancée, Dylan James Scattergood.

Crown prosecutor Michael Cowen said the pair was arguing on the morning of August 13 at Nocon's parents' Boyne Island home where they were living.

He told the jury Nocon was fixing the handle of a "very large knife" she had thrown at a kitchen wall.

The court heard Mr Scattergood intended to sell his guitar to buy cigarettes but when he started to leave Nocon grabbed his shoulder.

Mr Cowen said the couple began to struggle and Mr Scattergood twisted Nocon's arm, causing the knife to make a deep gash in her elbow.

He said Mr Scattergood punched Nocon, causing her to fall across a coffee table.

Nocon was in the process of getting up when Mr Scattergood charged toward her and she held the knife out, causing it to plunge into Mr Scattergood's abdomen, Mr Cowen said.

During the triple zero call Mr Scattergood could be heard in the background saying he couldn't breathe and Nocon begging ambulance officers to hurry.

Mr Scattergood died the next day from blood loss and complications from blood loss.

The forensic pathologist who examined Mr Scattergood's body the day after his death, Dr Kathryn Urankar, said the knife plunged up to 14.5cm into his body, puncturing his liver.

Mr Cowen told the jury there were two issues in the trial, whether Nocon stabbed Mr Scattergood accidentally or in self-defence.

Nocon's mother described the six-month relationship as an immature one.

Mr Cowen said the pair had broken off their engagement, but stayed together.

The trial continues today.

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