Stalker slams jurors after guilty verdict

STALKER John Howard Amundsen told jurors they had "failed a good, decent, Christian man" and should be ashamed of themselves after they handed down a guilty verdict.

"It's the end of the justice system in this state when a good Christian man can be condemned," he said.

"Well, the left-wings have got their way, but I'll appeal this and fight this the whole way."

Judge Nicholas Samios gave the former Sunshine Coast man "one last chance" to behave himself, with corrective services officers standing by to remove him from the court room, before a sentencing date was handed down.

Amundsen was found guilty of two stalking charges over the prolonged harassment of his former partner stemming back to 2011.

Prosecutor Sal Vasta called the case "the most incredibly determined stalking that we've had before these courts".

Amundsen represented himself and continually tested the patience of Judge Samios, who declared: "You've just been making speeches for three weeks".

Judge Samios thanked the jury and ordered them to leave early to avoid more outbursts.

"I would normally invite you to stay, but it's not pleasant so be on your way, please," he said.

The court heard Amundsen had a long criminal history, with previous charges for terrorism, possessing explosives and making death threats via email.

He condemned Mr Vasta's suggestion he should be psychiatrically examined, saying his own psychiatrist was the only one fit to pass judgment.

"I strenuously oppose this. I know what they're playing at. They're going to go for psychiatric imprisonment. That's what they've been trying to do from day one," he said.

"It's time Mr Vasta came clean. He wants me psychiatrically imprisoned for life. Why doesn't he come out and say it?"

Amundsen said he lived by "God's law" and was a conservative, and that the case against him was a feminist plot.

"My mother and I have gone through hell with a couple of left-wing police and a feminist-based (Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions) for quite some time," he said.

He said he would seek a suspended sentence so he could care for his ill mother, for whom he was the sole carer.

Judge Samios ordered sentencing for December 1 after psychiatric reports had been prepared. - APN NEWSDESK

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