I'm off to Sydney to kick a mall goal

THERE are only two more sleeps until the big day of grand-final fever.

As footy lovers from all over the nation get ready to throw on a pair of stubbies and a Jackie Howe singlet or a jersey to support their team, cook up some snags on the barbecue and sink some beers, I am secretly counting down the sleeps until my Sydney shopping expedition.

And I am sure a lot of Rocky girls out there would agree with me when I say a perve on the good-looking football players when the Parramatta Eels play the Melbourne Storm in the NRL grand final on Sunday will be a must.

I am one of the lucky thousands who have been given the opportunity to jet-set off to Sydney and see the game live, for the second year in a row. And I am super excited!

Anyone who has been to a live match would agree that, no matter who is playing, nothing beats the electric atmosphere of a live football game, especially a grand final (even if you have had a big night out the night before).

Even though I won't be wearing stubbies and a Jacky Howe, I will grab out a cute little singlet and a pair of jeans for comfort on the day and I will have to ditch the snags on the barbecue for a gourmet hot dog at the game.

But before any of this exciting footy fever happens, Sydney shopping will be on the top of the list for me.

And I'm sure the other lucky Rocky girls who have scored tickets to the match will hit the mall, because Sydney shopping is pretty hard to resist.

I actually remember last year's shopping adventure in the main strip of the city and into Sydney's huge Myer store.

I thought the walk from our hotel in the heart of the city surely couldn't be that far.

So one of the other girlfriends and I stepped into a pair of high heels - just a small heel - and wasn't that a lesson to be learnt?

After hours and several kilometres of walking from one boutique to the next, the band-aids back at the hotel became a lifesaver for us.

So, this year, it will be flats all the way.

And as for the rest of the trip, hopefully the rain will stay away (unlike last year) and we will get a chance to take a drive down to the stunning, famous Bondi Beach before flying back to Rock Vegas on Monday.

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