Livingstone Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton is keen to continue to serve his community and will run for a pace at the Council table at the March 28 local government elections
Livingstone Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton is keen to continue to serve his community and will run for a pace at the Council table at the March 28 local government elections

Standing up for another term

FEELING honoured to have served on Livingstone Shire Council and privileged to have been elected by six of the seven councillors in 2017 to serve as Deputy Mayor, Cr Nigel Hutton believes he has only just begun his journey to serve his community as he once again steps forward as a candidate in the March 28 local government elections.

Cr Hutton has worked as portfolio councillor for Finance, Administration, Youth Development and the Arts, and more recently as committee chair for the Planning, Finance, Innovation, and Business Excellence including urban design, place making and the local government infrastructure plan.

He was also appointed and consequently reappointed by councillors on four occasions to serve as Audit, Risk and Business Improvement committee chair.

Cr Hutton said 2020 marks the start of a new decade and a positive one as Livingstone faces the coming decade with better planning, better finances, and a community framework to drive decision-making.

“Our community will undoubtedly face challenges and have a series of opportunities to shape the future prosperity of our community. I feel my experience and my passion both as a father to a young family and as a serving councillor, can make a difference for our community,” Cr Hutton said.

“One of our challenges ahead is the interaction between growth and protection of our local character with our shire’s population expected to exceed 55,000 by 2041.

“Our region is likely to require over 3500 more workers, all of whom will require housing, education and amenity.

“We must ensure growth is nurtured and balanced if we wish to maintain the lifestyle and community qualities, which make our communities the place we choose to live.

“We need experience in managing the intersection between town planning, economic development, and environmental management.

“We need leaders with a love of community, experience, a wide view and believers in the power of leadership to create partnerships and draw out outcomes to the betterment of our entire community.”

Having grown up on the Capricorn Coast, attending Yeppoon State School, Yeppoon High and later Central Queensland University, Cr Hutton loves the region he calls home.

“This community gave me a safe, and nurturing place to grow up and amazing opportunities,” he said.

“This is why my wife and I have chosen Livingstone to be the place where our beautiful girls will grow.

“I have a passion to ensure that for all residents, the strong beat of our community resonates and lies at the heart of its local decision-making.

“I offer an ongoing commitment to providing leadership both within the community, and council to ensure that with our communities vision as a guide; we shape the coming decade with liveability, a sustainable balance in achieving a thriving local economy, due consideration of our natural environment, localised decision making, and keep our sight beyond today, and to the horizon.

“Ultimately, I wish to serve the community, which has provided me with such a rich and fulfilling life journey so far, and work to ensure that future generations have their aspirations and opportunities similarly realised in our beautiful home.”

Cr Hutton said the residents and ratepayers of Livingstone deserve a council, which engages and is prepared to do their research, analyse options and ultimately make decisions based on best advice.

“We deserve councillors that invest in developing and implementing strategies that embed and realise the vision set out by the community in the Livingstone 2050 Community Plan,” he said.

“Livingstone is a welcoming, connected, and resilient with a relaxed community spirit, celebrated for its natural beauty, vibrant culture and thriving community.

“With a strong financial foundation (Less debt, ten years forecasted with consistent operating surpluses and predicated on rate rises no higher then CPI), the Livingstone Shire Council of 2020 requires both advocates and ambassadors to ensure a bright future for the shire and all its people.

“I am pragmatic, thoughtful and a hard worker. I strive to serve my community, with honesty, integrity and with a sense of perpetuity to the consequences of our choices today on our children, grandchildren and beyond.

“I honour our shared past, while seeking to ensure each step we take into the future is inspired by a motivation beyond oneself. I don’t play politics and believe that it is possible to have both your independence and play a respectful part of the team in making a difference for our community.

“I am grateful for the ongoing support of my family, colleagues and the broader community both now and into the future and hope to continue to serve our community.”

Cr Hutton has been a member of Yeppoon Lions Club since 2010, holding various roles including assistant secretary, vice president and currently serving as President for 2019/2020.

He has been a member of the Pinefest Committee since 2010, holding various roles as well as a member, Queensland Teachers Union, Patron at Keppel Coast Country Music Club, Patron for Capricorn Coast Football Club, member of the College Board, St Brendan’s Yeppoon, member of United Nations Association of Australia, Alumni at World Cities Summit, Young Leaders Program and Alumni at Hansard Scholars Program.

He was appointed a member of the Local Disaster Management Group as a ‘Deputy Chair’ since 2016, Chairs Emu Park Town Centre and Foreshore Revitalisation Project Community Reference Committee, Chairs Australia Day Awards Committee since 2015, Chairs the ICare project committee, is Deputy Chair of Invest Capricorn Leadership Alliance, elected Director of Capricorn Enterprise, member of Regional Arts Development Fund Committee, member of Livingstone Community Grants Committee and a member of LSC Community and Economic Recovery taskforces.


Livingstone Shire Candidates for the 2030 Local Government elections

Candidates so far:


Bill Ludwig

Andy Ireland

Lynelle Burns


Andrea Friend

Leah Grice

Nigel Hutton

Adam Belot

Pat Eastwood

Rhodes Watson

Glenda Mather

Leo Honek

Tanya Lynch

Keith Sully

If you are planning run in the upcoming Local Government elections in March contact

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