State election results

8.19PM: LABOR'S Anna Bligh concedes defeat with LNP gaining a majority of seats in Queensland.

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8.10PM: NOT one candidate has claimed a win or defeat for the seats of Rockhampton or Keppel yet.

In Keppel, 22 0f 30 booths have been counted - 66.22% of the roll count.

LNP Bruce Young has 43.63%, ALP Paul Hoolihan has 33.74% and KAP Luke Hargreaves has 16.33%.


Mr Hoolihan said the results so far do not look good.

"I was in this position before about 10 or 11 years ago," he said.

"At this stage I would like to see all of the preference (votes).

"I don't know if I can come back now with the overall swing (state-wide)."

Mr Young said the results look positive for him.

"There's a healthy swing there," he said.

In Mirani, 40 0f 54 booths have been counted - 51.66% of the roll.

LNP Ted Malone has 45.65%, ALP Jim Pearce has 29.53% and KAP Bevan Pidgeon has 19.43%.


7.49PM: ROCKHAMPTON update

ALP's Bill Byrne won't declare he has won the seat of Rockhampton yet.

Mr Byrne says there is still more than half the votes to be counted, and he is waiting to see the outcome of the votes from Gracemere.


7.40PM: ROCKHAMPTON update - 15 booths counted, 45.21% of the votes.

ALP Bill Byrne 41.02%, LNP Gavin Finch 31.17% and KAP Shane Guley 11.61%.


7.35PM: MIRANI update  - 37 of 54 booths counted, 45.53% of votes counted.

LNP Ted Malone 45.50%, ALP Jim Pearce 29.97% and KAP Bevan Pidgeon 19.45%.


7.32PM: ABC commentators say of the four seats ALP has held on to, Rockhampton is one.


7.27PM: KEPPEL update - 15 of 30 booths counted. Just over 40% of the votes counted.

LNP Bruce Young 42.53%, ALP Paul Hoolihan 33.43%, KAP Luke Hargreaves 17.23% and Greens Paul Bambrick 6.82%.


7.17PM: ROCKHAMTPON update - 5 of 29 booths counted.

ALP Bill Byrne 41.62%, LNP Gavin Finch 32.26%, KAP Shane Guley 11.03% and Independent Bruce Diamond 5.79%.


7.12PM: MIRANI update - 24 of 54 booths counted.

LNP Ted Malone 43.73%, ALP Jim Pearce 31.83% and KAP Bevan Pidgeon 19.46%.


7.08PM: KEPPEL update - 7 of 30 booths counted.

Greens Paul Bambrick 7.89%, LNP Bruce Young 43.94%, KAP Luke Hargreaves 17.41%, ALP Paul Hoolihan 30.67%.


7PM: MIRANI update - 16 0f 54 booths counted.

Results so far - LNP Ted Malone 45.98%, KAP Bevan Pidgeon 19.67% and ALP Jim Pearce 29.56%.


6.49PM: TWO booths out of 29 have been counted for the Rockhampton seat.

Results so far - ALP's Bill Byrne 38.63%, LNP Gavin FInch 31.23%, KAP Shane Guley 12.60%, Independent Bruce Diamond 6.85% and Greens Bronwen Lloyd 6.30%.


6.40pm: NINE booths counted in Mirani.

LNP Ted Malone has 44.06% of the vote counted so far, followed by ALP's Jim Pearce with 31.55% and KAP's Bevan Pidgeon with 19.72%.



6.34pm: THE first booth for the Keppel electorate has been counted.

The results show Liberal National Party's Bruce Young with 42.40%, Katter's Australian Party's Luke Hargreaves with 27.49%, Labor Party's Paul Hoolihan with 25.15% and Greens Paul Bambrick with 4.97%.



6.30pm: THE first booth for the Mirani electorate has been counted.

The results show Labor Party's Jim Pearce in the lead with 62.71%, followed by Liberal National Party's Ted Malone with 28.81% and Katter's Australian Party's Bevan Pidgeon with 5.08%.

More updates on all three Rockhampton region seats - Keppel, Mirani and Rockhamtpon - will be put online throughout the night.

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