Still best mates after knifing

ALLAN Charles Queary doesn’t like his friends swearing at him.

When his best friend called him “mother f-----”, Queary grabbed a nearby steak knife and stabbed the woman in the back.

On Wednesday, Queary pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court to wounding his best friend.

He sat quietly in the prisoner’s dock before Judge Grant Britton sentenced him to jail for two years, but released him immediately because he’d been in custody since June.

Queary, 43, was drunk on May 24, and that was when he fought with his friend.

The pair was drinking around a kitchen table in Woorabinda before the argument started.

“Don’t call me a mother f-----, I’ll stab you,” Queary said.

“Go on then,” the 49-year-old woman replied.

That’s when Queary lunged at the woman and stabbed her in the back with a small steak knife.

The woman was taken to Woorabinda Hospital where medics cleaned her small stab wound and sutured it.

When police arrived at the hospital they saw Queary sitting out the front, still holding the knife he’d stabbed his friend with.

Police arrested him and Queary admitted everything that had happened.

Crown prosecutor Julie Marsden said Queary had been released from prison only 11 days before he stabbed his friend.

Ms Marsden said he had a lengthy criminal history, mainly for public order offences, and argued for a two-year prison sentence.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco argued for a smaller penalty.

He said Queary described himself “as a quiet person by nature” and was still best friends with the woman he stabbed, whom he regarded “like a sister”.

Queary grew up in Woorabinda and had a “happy childhood” with “a lot of family and friends surrounding him”.

Mr Lo Monaco said Queary’s mother and father were both dead and that two of his siblings were also deceased.

Queary studied until years 10 and played rugby league for Woorabinda.

His father worked for council and his mother was a nurse at the Woorabinda Hospital.

Mr Lo Monaco said Queary had “a significant problem” with alcohol.

Judge Britton sentenced Queary to two years imprisonment with immediate release on parole because he had spent 190 days in custody before his sentence.

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