PASSION FOR THE REGION: Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig is ready to give everything he has to help shape an even better Livingstone Shire.
PASSION FOR THE REGION: Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig is ready to give everything he has to help shape an even better Livingstone Shire.

Still plenty to do for Livingstone

BILL Ludwig first discovered Livingstone and the Capricorn Coast in 1975, like many who were not born here that discovery changed the course of his life forever, leading him down the path of making the region his home.

Meeting his wife and being able to raise a family in what he still believes to this day to be one of the most beautiful places in the world has been the best part of the journey.

Cr Ludwig said making the move here saw him self-employed learning the ropes as a commercial fisherman before establishing a highly successful entertainment and promotions company.

“Starting from our home office in Emu Park the business grew to encompass band management, video productions, touring national shows and assisting with the establishment and promotion of major events including the World Braham Congress, Australia’s 1988 bicentennial beef industry celebrations and now internationally recognised Beef Australia expos,” Cr Ludwig said.

“Entering public life in 1993 when approached by Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation (CCTO) to become president, was another major turning point.

“When I asked why they wanted me to take on the role, they said the organisation needed my ability to make things happen and put the Capricorn Coast on the map.”

After successfully restructuring the CCTO Cr Ludwig was approached by the business community to run for council in 1997 and apply his skill sets to help council transition into the 21st Century.

“Key strengths which I brought to council included my considerable private sector background which let me think ‘outside of the square’ and achieve outcomes that too many councils miss through focusing on bureaucratic processes,” he said.

“The community then put their faith and trust in me once again electing me as mayor in 2000.

“That faith and trust was repaid when our community started to reap the benefits of millions of dollars in state and federal funding which I was able to secure for infrastructure and major projects the enabled Livingstone to develop and grow.

“Over $100 million in funding delivered projects like the first three stages of our now ‘world-class’ foreshore, Yeppoon town and Emu Park village centre revitalisations, relocation of Yeppoon’s sewerage treatment plant, strategic upgrades to our shire-wide road networks to redirect logging and pineapple trucks from the town centre and expansion of our now well-established cycleways networks.

“One of the most important projects was securing $36.67 million in funding for the critical water supply pipeline from the Fitzroy River to droughtproof the Capricorn Coast.

“Without that water security, along with another $10 million plus in new ‘state of the art’ sewerage treatment plants and water reuse networks, the development and growth we have seen over the past two decades would have not been possible.

“Equally important was my ability to position and lead our community in our successful fight to regain our independence in 2014.”

Cr Ludwig said emerging from six years of virtual stagnation under the Rockhampton Regional Council our community at long last began to once again develop and grow.

“My decision to again run for mayor was based on my knowledge of what is now required to consolidate and the following key assets and attributes that set me apart from other candidates,” he said.

1. The level of leadership experience skills and proven ability needed to continue securing the critical funding to build on the foundation and momentum already established over the past six years.

2. The track-record of delivering major community, sports, tourism and job creating projects needed to grow and diversify our economy.

3. The strength, capacity and decision-making abilities to manage major disasters, keep our community safe in times of crisis and negotiate with all levels of government from prime ministers and premiers to ensure our community receives the maximum funding possible to rebuild after the recent fire disaster.

4. The tenacity and determination to fight for and win enabling trunk power and water infrastructure critical to GKI going ahead, strategic rural road network to be upgraded and our community to be compensated for loss of rate revenue from ADF’s continuing expansion.

“The next four years will be a critical time and our community needs a mayor who has the ‘runs on the board’.

“It is well-established that under my leadership Livingstone has earned a formidable reputation as one of the most successful councils in Australia at securing funding; over $250 million during my combined terms.

“This election Livingstone ratepayers need the certainty of knowing beyond doubt they have that experienced leader who can actually deliver.

“My commitment, if elected, will be to give our community the certainty and guarantee that I will put in ‘the hard yards’ to deliver the funding needed to keep building the roads and infrastructure, creating the job opportunities and driving the economic growth needed to bring down debt and keep future rate rises capped to CPI.”

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