Entertainment and leisure precinct plans for Stockland

A STOCKLAND Rockhampton retail source has revealed plans at the shopping centre for a terrace extension to house an entertainment and leisure precinct.

While Stockland weren't revealing details yesterday, there is speculation between current centre retailers it will include restaurants with night trading.

The source told The Morning Bulletin that the expansion involves a section of shops near the cinema complex, which currently includes Kazza's Barber Shop, Bendigo Bank, Priceline, Foot Locker and Mathers.

If all goes to plan, from Monday, July 6, alterations and refurbishments will be carried out at the centre and it is anticipated the works will continue for at least six months.

A Stockland retailer told The Morning Bulletin they were excited about the plans but hoped it would not affect other businesses in the centre.

"It's exciting and I'm led to believe Stockland will fill other vacancies in the centre fairly quickly and there will be a shuffle around," the retailer said.

"But you really need to consider that there will be additional competition in the centre and you need to consider your position as a business and how you combat that.

"I think there are certain businesses within the food court that have struggled to do that and, in a wider sense, the centre as a whole has struggled to sort of adapt to trends in the market place.

"There's always a human side to that story as well and it will be those businesses that suffer as a consequence of these new arrivals.

"I think the centre would be pro-active in trying to work with those retailers as they are trying to notify them."

The retailer said while Stockland had not told them much about the plans, it was good to see retail in Rockhampton moving forward.

"I think in a way it is positive that these new retailers coming into the area show that they believe that there's a market here long-term for their business," they said.

"That's good for Rockhampton and the people of Rockhampton because it gives them a variety of different offerings."

A Stockland Rockhampton spokesperson said Rockhampton Regional Council had approved plans for future upgrades to the shopping precinct.

"We are finalising the details and will communicate more information very soon," the spokesperson said.

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