HEARTFELT TOPIC: North Rockhampton High School Year 8 student Alicia Kyriazis won the October High School Young Writer Award.
HEARTFELT TOPIC: North Rockhampton High School Year 8 student Alicia Kyriazis won the October High School Young Writer Award. Kerri-Anne Mesner

Story to help teens battling bullies

ALICIA Kyriazis is no stranger to winning writing competitions.

The North Rockhamtpon High School Year 8 student has won the High School Young Writers Award twice so far this year, with this latest entry about a matter at the hearts of many teenagers - bullying.

"My story is about a teenager struggling with bullying," she said.

She said she had a friend that was struggling with bullies which she hoped the story she had written would help her to focus on her strengths.

"Most teenagers focus on their weaknesses and forget about their strengths," Alicia said.

Alicia won the competition for the high school section in May with her story Super Duper Sprinkler Sunday.

"I just feel you can express your thoughts and it's good that the people that read it can take something from it."

The Bullies' Mistake, or Mine?     Diary Entry One

16 July - My Birthday

Dear Diary,

Today was worse than ever! Yes, it was my birthday, but that doesn't mean anything special anymore. 'Special'... there's that word again. "She's 'special', how does she live with a face like that?" I've heard them. That's what they all say. Yes, I may have a disease that causes my face to have a different shap or structure to theirs. Maybe my eyes are different sizes and my ears are in line with my so called 'mouth'. But how does my completion make me so different from anyone else? I mean, I know I look different, but inside we're all the same.... right? I attend school to learn how to live my life too. Why must they make this experience so miserable for me? Everywhere I go, one of them is always pointing and muttering while others pull their ears down with their hands. That was nothing, compared to today, though. Someone had hung a poster of me, my own portrait, vandalised with pig features. Pink, floppy ears. A porky snout protruding from the front of my pink, bristly face. They made hundreds of copies and plastered them on every square inch of the school. My eyes were blurred from tears, but I could still make out the caption on the image, "That's a bit better!" Head hung in shame, I wandered home. Those bullies will get it, one day. One day I'll be bigger than them and have enough courage to take them down.

Yours, Emma-Lee

Diary Entry Two

18 August - The Art Exhibition

Dear Diary,

I'm lucky my passion for art has kept me going this far. If it weren't for art, I would have given up trying to fight off bullies years ago. Today, the art exhibition had come to school and I was first in line to get a sneak peek. I wasn't so much interested in paintings, as such, but the abstract structures and creations. I felt that these kind of reflected myself, in a way; unique and different, but beautiful. People could accept them as art, so why not me? I'd built many masterpieces positioned throughout my yard at home, but I'd never seen anything so wonderful until today. Those wooden planks arranged in a catapult-like way, about to fling a balloon floating inside a glass ball. It may not seem very exciting to most people, but I found its simplicity and design inspirational; so inspirational, in fact, that it gave me an idea. I could build a state-of-the-art trap to capture the bullies.

Yours, Emma-Lee

Diary Entry Three

27 October - The trap plan

Dear Diary,

I've pretty much completed the procedure for my trap. I think I'll call it 'The Hall of Shame'. After school today, I set everything up in a confined hallway of the school ready to unleash the trap tomorrow at the opportune moment, lunch break. There's a clear Perspex panel which spreads across the hall and is attached by screws to the end of side of the end lockers. Once the bullies wander carelessly down their favourite hall and into the invisible barrier, they'll smack into it and fall backwards, giving me time to enclose them in the space by fitting another panel of clear Perspex on the opposite end of the hall's end lockers.

They'll be sealed into my torture chamber, and the fun will begin. It's the perfect plan. Now all that's left to do is wait...

Yours, Emma-Lee

Diary Entry Four

28 October - The Bullies' Dooms Day

Dear Diary,

The moment of glory couldn't have come sooner. The bullies, sure enough, wandered directly into the hall. As quick as a fox, I fixed the other Perspex panel in place. I felt successful for the first time in my life as I watched the surprises begin.

Stage 1 - Wedgie Wipe-out: First, a mechanical hand-like claw dropped out of the ceiling I'd been tinkering with, and picked up the bullies by the elastic of their underwear, then dropped them to the ground with a thud. Stage 2 - Sticky Situation: A combination of treacle, honey and tar began oozing out of the vents in the lockers, fastening their feet to the ground. They couldn't go anywhere. Stage 3 - Art Attack: Paint splattered out of the lockers, coating them in a rainbow goo. Stage 4 - Feather Flurry: A drifting cloud of feathers puffed from the lockers and instantaneously stuck to the bullies after already being smothered in the rainbow goo. Stage 5 - Pie-face Prank: Creamy, custard pies shot out of the catapults inside the lockers, and right into the bullies' faces, so they were dripping with cream. Stage 6 - Silent but Deadly: Everyone thought the torture was finished, but I had one last card to play. An unbearable stench slowly lingered through the hall. The stink bomb had struck! Suddenly, the bullies started gasping for breath and just fainted, there and then as the pong seeped into their nostrils. Yes! Success! I'd done it, I'd beaten them once and for all!

I thought I could never feel so much joy rush over me ever again! The stupid looks on their faces were images I could never forget! As they slowly came to, they were trembling and one of them whimpered, "Please let us out, we won't do anything to you or speak anything of you anymore!" They were all nodding and pleading, a sight I didn't want to leave my eyes. I stood there for a while just watching them, then finally decided to let them out. I watched them, those rainbow chickens dripping with cream, scurry away behind me sobbing and apologising. I turned around and stopped cold. A hot rush came over me. How could I have overlooked such an obvious mistake? Why had I been so stupid? How was I going to make this disappear in the two minutes left of lunch time? The mess was abominable! I hope the teachers don't find out it was me! Yours, Emma-Lee

By Alicia Kyriazis

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