Supermum style and the straight facts on hair


We spend so much time primping and prepping, curling and straightening, lightening and darkening, growing and removing it.

I couldn't stop staring at a guy earlier this week because of his amazing hair.

He was sporting the most impressive mullet I had seen since the '80s, or at least since I saw David Spade in the movie Joe Dirt. Close cropped at the side, but the back was long past his collar and so curly it was almost ringlets.

The image of it took me straight back to high school.

I too sported curls of sorts back in those days. The spiral perm was the hair style of choice for both myself and many of my peers. A day getting hair wrapped in rollers and then doused in strong-smelling chemicals was all worth it for the ringlet style end result.

I posted a few photos on Facebook from back in those days recently and even had one of my friends comment that I was the only one they had seen pull off the '80s perm other than Kylie Minogue. I should be so lucky.

I have had a few interesting haircuts over the years.

As a child, just like our outfits, my siblings and I all sported identical do's.

Like many of my generation, the bowl cut seemed to be preferred by all parents for their children. I just need to look at my primary school class photos for evidence of that.

Then in early high school I decided I needed a change from my long locks and got the chop; only to look like I was back to that old bowl cut I sported in primary school.

Modern-day times I've stuck to the longer lengths when it comes to hair fashion, but I certainly don't follow the trends any more.

I've been lucky that straight is in. No need for a hair straightener for me, mine is naturally like that.

I don't even own a hair dryer. I don't need to. I just wind down the window of the car on the way to work. But that causes a few problems at times. Not with my hair, but with my kids.

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After spending all morning carefully primping and prepping themselves, they complain the wind messes up their do's.

I could always offer them a bowl cut.

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