Strelow bites back after ‘ugly’ pound backlash

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Mayor Margaret Strelow has hit back against online critics of the council's animal management practices that she says were fuelled by "vigilante groups".

In a letter to the editor yesterday, Cr Strelow said a series of false posts had misidentified the animal euthanasia rate for Rockhampton as 73%, and then launched an "attack" on council for their lack of in-house adoption programs.

"Our rates are actually 31% of dogs and 62% of cats," she said.

"I demonstrated that in fact seven out of the 10 large councils in Queensland (categories five and six councils) did not have in-house rehoming. Once again, no retraction, no apology.

"Yes, we need a new pound. We need many things. It is already in the budget to be delivered 2019 and 2020."

Cr Strelow said that while RRC was working towards interim solutions for pound issues, she expected to continue to see "political point-scoring".

"A new pound will not automatically mean a lower euthanasia rate," she said.

"Capricorn Animal Aid had not asked us for a donation or support this year... to be honest, when we asked for the 'donations and contributions' to be pulled out of our chart of accounts, all of us were horrified that we hadn't given anything to this organisation.

"We understand that we need to give Capricorn Animal Aid some significant level of support. We should have done this better."

But after suggestions from RSPCA Queensland to organise a contract for rehoming, Cr Strelow said that would mean a tender would have to be released to award a contract.

She said she was not supportive of such a move as it would enable an outside organisation to take over from current charities.

The Mayor said she would rather deal with CAA.

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