Strong decisions at de-amalgamation pay off: Strelow

IN TODAY'S budget announcement, Rockhampton Regional Mayor Margaret Strelow announced the tough decisions following de-amalgamation had paid off.  

She said the foundations built by those financial decisions meant dealing with the fallout from Cyclone Marcia was not a game changer for the 2015/16 budget.   

Since de-amalgamation, council has paid off almost $4.5 million of debt.   

"Our debt has declined progressively for the last two years which is a solid indication that Council is on target with its financial plan to create a sustainable future for the Region," Cr Strelow said.  

"Achieving an operating surplus of $7.53 million makes this budget one of our most difficult to prepare and has required substantial discipline to keep within the set limits of the financial plan.  

"The 2015/16 draft budget shows no increase in loans for the new financial year so we are very much looking forward to receiving our next credit review after achieving a moderate rating with a neutral outlook for 2014/15.  

"We are confident that we are moving in the right direction.  

"Our 2015/16 budget responds well to the tough economic climate yet still provides investment in Economic Development initiatives that will assist with the Region's growth."  

The budget is subject to adoption by the full council on July 9. 

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