Julian Laver and Simon Booth.
Julian Laver and Simon Booth.

Strong demand benefits CQ breeders at cattle sale

Several livestock categories sold 30c/kg dearer at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange Prime and Store Cattle Sale last Wednesday, at which a run of 1459 quality Brahman cattle were snapped up by buyers as far south as Roma.

The offering from Yacamunda Investments Pty Ltd of steers and heifers was met with fierce demand from an array of buyers in the bidding gallery.

A Roma producer pounced on the bulk of the 695 steers, which sold for an average of 458c/g, weighing 340kg to return $1555/head, while the 764 heifers were bought for 435c/kg and weighed 242kg to equal $1054/head.

Morgan Harris from TopX Gracemere said the cattle went to a wide variety of operations and locations.

“They were a very good line of quality cattle in store condition, so they sold very well,” Mr Harris said.

In total, agents yarded 3411 head, which was an increase from 2318 compared with the previous week.

Cattle were drawn from the local areas and as far south as Gin Gin.

“It was a strong sale across the board with some categories selling around 30c/kg dearer,” Mr Harris said.

“Competition from buyers was increased as all our usual processors and feedlot operators were active, and restockers drove overall demand.”

Light steers in the 200-300kg market peaked at 612.2c/kg and averaged 531.2c/kg.

A highlight in this category was a SJ and MJ Walsh Charbray weaner which reached 610c/kg, weighing 221kg to return $1345/head.

Boongana Pty Ltd, Blackwater, also presented a quality 254kg Braford pen, which reached 606c/kg to equal $1537/head.

In the 401-500kg steer category, prices reached 444.2c/kg and averaged 415.8c/kg in total.

B Kelly, Baralaba, sold a run of 144 Droughtmaster feeder steers that made an average of 423c/kg and weighed 475kg to return $2010/head.

BeeBlee Pastoral Company, Nebo, also had a good result for its 437kg No.9 Brangus steer line which reached 436c/kg, to receive $1908/head.

Vendors had strong results in the cow market, which topped at 382.2c/kg.

R MacDonald, Bajool, sold Brahman cows for 275c/kg, which weighed 574kg to return $1580/head.

Jason Mara, from Kalapa, made a return of $1593/head for Brangus cows which were snapped up for 278c/kg and weighed 572kg.

Mr Harris said while recent rainfall was patchy in places, the favourable seasonable conditions had boosted overall optimism.

“Next week I think we will have a similar sized yarding. The great prices are drawing more to the sale,” Mr Harris said.

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