Jobless numbers spark debate

WHEN The Morning Bulletin revealed that Rockhampton was home to more than 1200 jobless families and 500 teenage parents, the story sparked spirited debate among our readers.

These shocking numbers caused Rockhampton to be named one of the top 10 most disadvantaged places in Australia.

When it comes to whether Bully readers think Rockhampton should be in that top 10, the online poll shows the split is 50/50. Below is what some readers had to say.

Online comments:

AussieMike, Gladstone: 1200 jobless families...but over 1500 jobs in mines less than 4 hours from Rocky, and they want to fill these positions with migrants.

Australia doesn't look after it's own anymore.

billudger, Mount Morgan: People with big families, ie (7 or 8 kids) are on big money from Centrelink who pay far more than you would receive from working a normal 40 hour job. so where is the incentive for them to work? Dole payments should be cut to give people more incentive to contribute to our society and not to bludge off your fellow aussies.

spudsash, Berserker: I really don't know how the people on the dole survive, my husband had an accident at the beginning of the year and we have had to go on sickness allowance and partnered parenting payment plus I work 15 hours per week, and we are drowning we can't even feed ourselves ... it is not an easy way to get money ... we are not living we are trying to survive.

Spaceman, Koongal: People have a choice - they can stay at home on their (fat) backside, or help themselves ... mmmmm I wouldn't say disadvantaged, just lazy!

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