CQ FUTURE: Yeppoon High School students (from left) Breanna Tyrell (16), Zachary Tregenza (17), Karl English (16), Kayla Wellspring (16), and Ethan Munnerley (16).
CQ FUTURE: Yeppoon High School students (from left) Breanna Tyrell (16), Zachary Tregenza (17), Karl English (16), Kayla Wellspring (16), and Ethan Munnerley (16). Chris Ison Rokcschool

Yeppoon students speak about hopes for the future

YEPPOON State High School Year 11 students Ethan Munnerley, Kayla Wellspring, Breanna Tyrrell, Karl English and Zac Tregenza sat down with The Morning Bulletin to discuss their hopes for the future of the Capricorn Coast.

What do you like about living in Yeppoon?

Karl: The fact that it's so close to the water.

Breanna: It's such a small community; it means you can make connections with people.

Do you feel like there are lots of opportunities here for you when you finish school?

Zac: Rockhampton's not that far away and there's a good university there.

What would you like to see happening in Yeppoon and other coastal communities in the future? Do you think there are enough opportunities and work here?

Breanna: I feel like Yeppoon could definitely be improved by making something that's more appealing to tourists or which brings in more people so there are more opportunities. Maybe making the beachfront a bit more appealing, which I can see happening with the water park.

Karl: More things like Pinefest and the Australia Day Beach Party, but not necessarily Australia Day. Things which involve the whole township.

Ethan: The beach is really a key feature of our community, so involving that a lot would really help.

What do you think people are attracted to in Yeppoon when they come and visit?

Breanna: The beach lifestyle. I think the whole appeal for Yeppoon is that it's very family friendly as well. Most of the reason why people move here or choose to spend their holiday here I think is so that they can have some family time. It's a safe place for people to raise a young family.

Zac: I like how you can just walk down the main street and access a lot of shops that have a variety of things.

Where would you like to see Yeppoon in five years? Would you like to see more developments? Would you like it to be bigger?

Karl: Probably not any more high rises because that would make it seem more like a larger city when it's still really a small community.

Breanna: I think something like putting more small shops at the beachfront, some local shops, or even diverting the main road that goes down the beachfront and making it somewhere where markets can be, like the riverfront plans in Rockhampton. That would open up the space for more things like markets or Pinefest.

Karl: There should be more things which bring in the younger people, around our age because most of the things are targeted at the ones who are in Year 7 and under or the ones who are 20 or older.

Zac: It's good that Rockhampton is within driving distance. I think Yeppoon would be affected negatively by a population boost because it's good you can know everyone within your grade at school and it's good that you can walk along the street and see people you know.

Karl: I think it would be bad if this town grew. Now it's a fairly good size.

Breanna: Unless it's well organised. Hobart in Tasmania feels like a town, but it's a city. If it was like that it would be good.

Do you think it's a problem that young people who are passionate about the community leave after school because there aren't enough jobs?

Breanna: It's very specific what kinds of jobs are available here.

Zac: As Breanna said, it's more of a place you can bring up a family. It's a younger family type of area that you just move away.

Do you think it's inevitable that young people will always leave Yeppoon?

Breanna: Yes, but maybe they'd come back in a couple of years. But I don't think it's somewhere a lot of people would think they could set up their career here.

Would you like to see Yeppoon as more of a tourist destination?

Zac: It seems like the sort of place where you go to walk on the beach, have some fun and then leave.

Karl: It has spread out down on the beachfront. Yeppoon will always be fairly small.

Breanna: I think high-rises would kind of ruin the aesthetic of the tourist and family vibe. Once we start getting high rises it sort of loses its appeal.

Kayla: On my last holiday in Brisbane we stayed in a big high rise and it was great for a holiday, but I wouldn't live there. When I came back I felt much better because it feels like home and feels like where I want to be.

Karl: After every single holiday and every time we come back here it always has that home feeling to it. I don't think it's going to get too big.

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