Sun sets on Supermum's family Aussie outback trek

AS THE Supermum family holiday in the Queensland outback continued we discovered so many things.

In Barcaldine we discovered the cutest little café, Roses and Things, and found you didn't need big-city dining to experience quality meals.

We hired bikes and wandered around the town, taking in a tour of the Australian Workers Heritage Centre which reminded us of how much has changed.

From old-school schools to changes in prison conditions, it was looking at the history of women in the workforce that struck home for me.

Once upon a time, in a land not long ago, I wouldn't have had the option of the career I have now.

Mind you, I wouldn't have had the option to travel on a holiday like this either.

In Richmond we discovered amongst the dry outback setting a water playground alongside a picturesque little lake.

We went on a fossil dig and found lots of remnants of sea creatures from days gone by.

The kids also found it funny to start referring to my Superman and myself as fossils.

In Winton we found an amazing bakery with the best sausage rolls and pies.

We found them a few times during our stay.

We also found the water had a rather strong odour, thanks to sourcing their water from the Great Artesian Basin and its trapped sulphur gas.

Taking in a tour of the old outdoor cinema, I had a trip of my own down memory lane in the form of something that would have caused me many trips and falls in my time.

Amongst all the old movie posters and vintage movie memorabilia was a pair of clip-on roller skates. Not fancy boot skates (although they did have them too); no, it was a pair just like I used to own.

Basically a metal plate with wheels you belted on to your shoes. It made me appreciate I never ended up in hospital.

In fact, the whole trip made us appreciate things we take for granted every day.

But is also opened up the kids' eyes to the beauty around them.

Watching yet another glorious sun as it set in the outback, I had to agree with the comments from the kids.

"How can nothing be so beautiful?"

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