Sunshine Coast hosts more FIFO workers than Gold Coast

COASTAL getaways are happily tapping into Queensland's mining boom, with new figures from the state's mining industry showing the Sunshine Coast is becoming a haven for those keen to escape the coal face.

Research commissioned by the Queensland Resources Council breaks down the state region by region to itemise how many mining dollars and workers flow beyond traditional mining towns.

The Sunshine Coast's attraction to miners is proving lucrative, with 1000 workers - not including contractors - opting to live in the area, adding $154 million to the regional economy in the 2012-13 financial year.

That is higher than even the Gold Coast, a classic playground for the fly-in, fly-out worker, which has 800 mining workers living in the region, spending $129 million in the same period.

These figures are a drop in the ocean when compared to strong mining regions of Mackay with 3700 full-time mine workers, Rockhampton with 2000 and Townsville which has 2850 workers.

A flood of investment in enormous liquefied natural gas or LNG projects off Gladstone means the 4500 full time resource industry staff in the area put a staggering $452 million into the regional economy in the past year.

The figures are a dose of optimism after 18 months of cost-cutting by mining companies and job losses topping 10,000 in Queensland and New South Wales.

QRC chief Michael Roche said the oil and gas industry spending of $11.7 billion helped ease the pain caused by cuts made in the coal industry.

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