Justin Smithwick will be in action in the Sport Engines Super Sedan Development series.
Justin Smithwick will be in action in the Sport Engines Super Sedan Development series. Als Photosport

Super Sedans rivalry returns

SPEEDWAY: Get ready Rockhampton – tonight the lads are back on the track and raring to race.

Spectators who were deprived of the action, owing to the weather, when the National series rolled into town, will be hoping for better fortune as round seven of the Freightliner Trucks Super Sedan series gets under way at Rockhampton Showgrounds.

With events like this one it is not known until the last minute who nominates, but two hot local racers will be up for the challenge.

Matthew Williams has not had the greatest of luck since getting a new car and has had to renew a lot of the panel work after his last race ended in disaster.

However, tonight he and Craig Torr are expected to renew their rivalry on the track.

Missing will be Matthew’s brother Leigh.

“I’ve got work commitments six days a week,” he said.

“I’m going to have a bit of a spell for a couple of years.”

Consequently instead of taking his super sedan to the track Leigh will be posting a big “For Sale” sign on the racing beast.

“When I do come back I’ll get a brand new one,” he promised.

Leigh had got as high as sixth on the standings for the Freightliner Trucks series, a position Matthew now holds.

Also tonight is round six of the Sport Engines Super Sedan Development series, and that too provides plenty of local interest as Justin Smithwick is battling it out at the top of that series ladder.

While the Super Sedans feature, there is plenty on offer for speedway enthusiasts with 34 nominations in the Super Stockers, 14 for National V8 AMCAs and Fender Benders back up to a field of 10 cars.

Spokesman for Rockhampton Saloon Car Club, Mark Hogan, said he was delighted to see interest returning to the Fender Benders class.

Last time they went around the Showgrounds it was the VL Commodore of Beau Saunders that had the chequered flag fluttering from the drivers window.

Saunders will be there again, but the challenges will come in from all angles with Heath Simpson, Clay Crouch and Brad Slattery the most likely to pounce on any slip he may make.

And then there were four!

That is how it will be with Jeff, Chris, Anthony and Scott bearing the Ohl surname for the Super Stocker event.

Interest is high in this category with the old favourites no longer assured of supremacy.

For Danny Lennon winning would be a bonus, as during the past year he has a major difficulty in actually finishing a race.

Last time out he and Mark Hogan came together and neither car was unscathed.

“Danny said he’s expecting to be going again,” Hogan said.

While Hogan too confirms he will be racing, he admits the car is no longer in pristine condition.

“The car is a bit bent, but it’s back together as good as it can be,” he said.

Hogan warns to look out for Brent Scott.

“It is his first season and he’s going great guns, he bought a Commodore and he’s on fire,” he said.

Lee Briskey will be up there and Hogan expects Craig Weeden to put in a challenge also.

The AMCA section keeps getting bigger with 14 cars nominated despite three drivers being away at the nationals and season points leader Dave McKie missing with his vehicle still under repair.

Tonight is a welcome return to the track for young Alice Purcell who suffered the misfortune of breaking her jaw in an accident in the pits late last year.

Leading the way around tonight should be the current number two on the leader board Andrew Baker and Glen Boulter who is not far behind.

Flying the flag for Central Queensland at the AMCA Nationals in South Australia are Dean Ballard, Ben Genrich and Robbie Irwin.

Spokesman for the group Alan Genrich is confident the three will be competitive over the two days of racing.

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