Superkid turns zombie, like something out of the movies

MY son is turning into a zombie.

It is not because of his pre-teen years, and he is practicing his teenage angst already.

It is not because of the time he spends playing Minecraft on his iPad, or using Tango to video call and message his mates.

And it is not because he started to wear the same clothing day after day and neglect things like personal hygiene. That's just boys.

I mean he is actually turning into a zombie.

Well, 'practicing' being a zombie, for a zombie movie he plans on making.

By practicing, I mean he walks around the house, dragging one leg, head to one side, and swinging his arms to and fro.

He silently comes up behind you and gives you a 'zombie kiss' in the back of your neck, to practice how a zombie would attack his prey.

Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum October 31
Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum October 31


And I won't even describe the noise he makes while eating his food in zombie mode.

I'm no expert, but he seems to be doing a pretty good job of zombie acting.

He has no script for the movie to speak of, but is there such a thing as a script for zombie movies anyway?

He does have a movie title in mind, OMZ.

I asked if that meant God was a zombie, but no, thankfully not.

His step-sister has told him he still has a long way to go before he is an authentic zombie.

According to her, Zombies are NOT ticklish.

And the kids would know, having watched their fair share of zombie movies, YouTube clips, and played zombie games.

Whether you agree with Halloween or not, the kids love spooky things, and delight in watching scary movies.

I'd prefer a romcom any day, but I join them around Halloween, for the fun of it. Fun for them more than for me.

I was the only one screaming while watching Scream on the weekend.

I refuse to watch movies like Return of the Living Dead, because I think I'd never sleep again, but I can handle some lightweight scare-fests.

They may even convince me to watch the new zombie flick World War Z, after hearing Brad Pitt is in it.

Trick or treat? Maybe this one is both.