Supermum on the run with the pitter patter of little feet

THERE is nothing like a child learning to walk to make adults start to run.

I had a visit from my adorable little nephew last week.

Just over a year old, he had the adults on the run, hop and jump as he wandered from cupboard to cupboard, shelf to shelf, gleely pushing and pulling everything he could get his hands on.

I had forgotten how fast such a small bundle could move.

Even with a grandmother, aunt, uncle and two teenage cousins on the watch, he managed to whip his way around the house, causing chaos in his wake.

His mother, my little sister, was sitting at the table watching the fun and enjoying the break.

Lucky for us nothing did break… except maybe our spirits.

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My house is teen proof, not child proof. The morning was proof I am too old for that gig.

I desperately needed an aunty nap after he left.

My next aunty encounter was in a public place with family, so my household contents were safe. I can't say the same for my sanity.

Hanging by the pool we oohed and aaahed as we watch my nephew explore his immediate surroundings for a short time.

Soon bored with that, he decided he wanted to venture further afield.

Surrounding him with plastic chair barricades thwarted his exploration for a short time, but then his adventurous spirit ran over (or in this case, crawled under) and off he went.

The next hour or so was spent picking up things he threw away, like his hat and water bottle, and throwing away things he was picking up, like bottle caps and other rubbish.

Then it was lunch time.

While the family chowed down on their chosen meals my nephew sampled each piece before showing his shotput skills with his rejects.

Post-lunch, I envied him his poolside nap, but even that was all too brief for adult batteries to be charged.

As I prepare to sadly wave my nephew off at the airport this week I realise now I had better get into training.

I have a brand new niece due to arrive in a few months time.

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