PREGNANT PAUSE: Naturopath Peter Lewis says any stressor during pregnancy can creates potential weaknesses to the unborn child.
PREGNANT PAUSE: Naturopath Peter Lewis says any stressor during pregnancy can creates potential weaknesses to the unborn child. Thinkstock

Support can avoid pregnancy woes

AS was discussed with the last issue of knowing how in The Morning Bulletin, infertility and stillbirth can be an unfortunate circumstance associated with female fertility.

Additional to these circumstances and pregnancy disorders presented today, it should be apparent that motherhood wellbeing requires substantial support from the family fabric.

Life skills from upcoming grandparents should be valued for greater ease.

Professional guidance to prevent pregnancy abnormalities from worsening is useful for both mother wellbeing and the developing child. Put simply, any stressor during pregnancy creates potential weaknesses to the unborn. This means hereditary organ weaknesses may surface in a young child or in later life.

Morning sickness incidence tends to occur during the first trimester, with nausea often occurring more so at dawn, but also at other times. Whilst conventional medicine may possibly prescribe antihistamine to check vomiting, naturopathy possibly will prescribe therapeutic ginger to assist in subsidence of morning sickness. However, naturopathy is more focused with addressing its cause, which may have low gastric enzyme association.

Heartburn may have association with progesterone activity and naturopathy may well advise small light serves of fresh fruit or veges to moderate the condition. Constipation may also be associated with progesterone relaxing muscles, consequently fresh fruit or veges is helpful during these times. With that said laxative agents or bulking agents such as psyllium husks or LSA meal may cause the condition to become unfavourably worse.

During the first trimester frequent urination occurs because of a growing uterus exerting pressure upon the bladder. During the final stages of pregnancy, frequent urination may arise again. The best approach during these times is to follow nature's lead, if you got to go over a dozen times a day, much better than holding on. By holding on you may cause reabsorption of waste products the body wants to eliminate.

Vulva irritation or odorous vaginal discharge may possibly be associated with hygienic factors, in which case you may need to consult a family GP or your midwife. Meanwhile, naturopathy is well positioned to advise clinical supplements or hygienic functional foods that might assist in treating these conditions.

Varicose veins may develop or worsen during pregnancy, sometimes associated with elevated progesterone in the bloodstream. This condition may respond favourably through cautious remedial massage, which assists circulation. Certainly prolonged standing is unhelpful, particularly on concrete or tiled floors.

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