RAISING FUNDS: Craig Lanson took the FreezeMND challenge with gusto last year.
RAISING FUNDS: Craig Lanson took the FreezeMND challenge with gusto last year.

Swans are ready to beat record

YEPPOON Swans are fighting fit and ready to hit the ground running having trained relentlessly throughout the coronavirus restrictions that closed their all-important season until further notice.

Swans head coach Mark Wallin says 2020 was, and still is an important season for the team who are fixated on bringing home an Australian best.

“This season we have been determined to break the Australian record and we need at least 10 games more to achieve that goal,” Mr Wallin said.

“The Swans have won 78 games in a row; we need 10 more games to equal the Australian record and 11 more games to surpass the record and be recorded as Australian champions.

“We hope the Federal Government will give us the all clear to reopen the season in the next 4-6 weeks in some format.

“We are just waiting to hear what protocols will be involved and we will do whatever we need to do to get back up and running.”

Rather than sit idle, Yeppoon Swans have been putting themselves through vigorous training sessions in and around where they live.

Mr Wallin said many had home gym setups and the club continued to set players challenges to achieve in their own space.

“We set up the COVID-1000 challenge which required all players to be involved in clocking up 1000kms in 30 days,” he said.

“They achieved that challenge with five days to spare which was very impressive.

“This week players are being challenged to run 1km as fast as they can recording their times as they go. Next they will be challenged to do the same for 2km and the week after they will do 3km as fast as they can.

“This is all on top of the training regimes and other runs players have set up themselves to remain in peak fitness for when the season resumes.

“We generally play a 15-game season but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, officials now have to decide on how they will approach the rest of the season.

“They may run the season a little later than usual with less games but at this stage, we have no answers, just an eagerness to get stuck back into it.

“It may well be the case that when we are allowed back on the field, we may not be allowed to have spectators which will be a great shame as we are very well supported in this region and while we love our supporters, we will do whatever is necessary to get the game running again.”

Junior Swans players are also keeping on top of their fitness with club coaches keeping juniors in touch by setting them challenges via their various Facebook pages and helping them learn more about their health, wellbeing and their game techniques.

Swans president Peter Watkins is just one of many people who can’t wait for life to return to normal.

“In addition to our games season, we run the Freeze MND Yeppoon fundraiser in June each year to raise money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease,” Mr Watkins said.

“The fundraiser was established when the club discovered a life member was diagnosed with this horrible disease in July 2017 and began deteriorating quickly.

“Unfortunately, there is no treatment or cure for this disease, so we have been determined to do our bit to raise funds to fight MND.

“At this stage, we are hopeful the fundraiser will still be permitted to happen, but we will have to wait until we are given the all clear from the Federal Government and it is currently to early to be able to predict.

“Over the past two years, the club has raised over $130,000 for the not for profit organisation and hope to continue to help with the fight against the horrid disease.”

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