Swimming duo brings home medal haul

SWIMMING: Rockhampton twins landed home yesterday carrying layers of medals after their latest victories in Wellington, New Zealand.

The sporting duo, Miranda and Sam Bells, were selected to represent Australia in Royal Life Saving Pool Rescue in New Zealand's National Championship within the last week.

The Bells were two of the sixteen competitors representing Australia in the competition, and were able to snatch up a few of New Zealand's medals of Gold and Silver.

Within the four-day competition Sam brought back two gold's and one silver, a with Miranda claiming two gold medals and three silver.

Sam said that although they were twins and played in the same sport there was no nasty sibling rivalry.

The twins said that being their first international trip they were very proud of what they had accomplished.

“It was a good experience because that was our first Australian team representing Australia internationally.”

Miranda said they surprised themselves with some medals, as there were some races that they didn't expect to win.

She said they were also outnumbered.

“New Zealand had a lot more people then we did, we had about 200 and they had 600,” she said.

The siblings will now be trying out to represent Australia once again in the sport, but this time for the chance to compete in Germany.

The pair are seniors at Rockhampton Grammar School and have to now concentrate on their final six weeks of year 12.

Miranda said although they loved to compete, school had to be the priority.

“It is hard to juggle school and swimming,” she said.

“We have cut back a bit on swimming this year because of school.”

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