Taser didnt stop angry axe man

SPURNED by his de facto partner and the Rockhampton psychologist he dumped her for, Adrian Mark Fouracre decided to end his life in October last year.

But when his plans to kill himself by overdosing on heroin or shooting himself with a mate's gun both fell through, the 37-year-old hoped police officers could do the job for him.

This was what Fouracre's lawyer, Jack Blackburn, said when Fouracre appeared in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Fouracre pleaded guilty to five charges, including seriously assaulting police and assault occasioning bodily harm, on October 29 at 9.30pm.

Police prosecutor Constable Paige Barrow said Fouracre made a bogus call to police, claiming there was a lost toddler in the front yard of a Port Curtis home.

When officers arrived Fouracre ran out from behind a car screaming and wielding an axe handle with no axe head.

Const Barrow said Fouracre hit one police constable over the head and punched the other in the jaw.

The court heard Fouracre was unstoppable, pulling out taser prongs when one officer deployed his taser at him.

Const Barrow said he could not be restrained until back-up officers arrived.

She said the first constable was treated in Rockhampton Hospital for a lump on his head and swelling to the top of his spine, and the second officer suffered a sore jaw, scratches and abrasions.

Mr Blackburn said his client was seeking help for behavioural issues when the female psychologist treating him convinced him to break up with his partner.

He said the psychologist then refused to date Fouracre because "she had to consider her professional reputation".

After saying it might be a "far-fetched" story, Mr Blackburn tendered a letter to the court which he said his client had received from the psychologist while in prison.

Mr Blackburn said Fouracre realised he loved his ex but she refused to take him back.

He said Fouracre's plans to overdose on heroin were ruined when he was given crystal methamphetamine instead. High on the drug, Fouracre asked his friend for a gun to kill himself but they would not give it to him.

"So he called police, hoping to act in such a way as to (make them) kill him," Mr Blackburn said.

"At the time they took his mugshot he was clearly off his face."

Magistrate Barry Cosgrove said a message needed to be sent to the public that this behaviour would not be tolerated.

"The police carry out a very vital function in our society," Mr Cosgrove said.

"They protect people ... they cannot be set upon by members of the community for their own reasons."

Mr Cosgrove sentenced Fouracre to 30 months in prison and ordered him to pay restitution of $1500 to the constable who sustained the head injury and $500 to the other injured constable.

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