A convicted rapist told his stepson
A convicted rapist told his stepson "see what you do to me” while abusing the boy. File

Teacher's sex attack on stepson while wife gave birth

A TEACHER raped and sexually abused his stepson over eight years, with some of the attacks happening while his wife was in hospital having the offender's baby.

The "manipulative" child rapist this week failed to convince the Queensland Court of Appeal that he is innocent and the subject of a "miscarriage of justice".

Telling his victim "see what you do to me", the abuser preyed on the boy "four or five times a week" while the child's mum was running errands, when she was at work and during the period she was in hospital for the birth of one of the boy's siblings.

A Sunshine Coast jury found the man guilty of 11 charges in 2016 but the offender asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to overturn the convictions.

The rapist claimed his victim's testimony was unreliable and the verdicts were "unreasonable" because they were not supported by evidence.

The court disagreed, saying there was no issue with the evidence, the jury was properly directed and the man's appeal "lacked merit".

The abuser was initially charged with 16 offences, including maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 18, indecent treatment, attempted sodomy and sodomy.

The boy was 10 when the man began hurting him and it continued after the victim turned 18 in 2006.

The abuse started shortly after the offender married the victim's mother and it took place in various locations around Southeast Queensland, including at Rosedale and on the Fraser Coast.

The boy said during the trial his abuser was "manipulative" and "favoured" him above his siblings.

"I was allowed to, you know, stay up a bit later, or, you know, have a few extra freedoms around the house, so to speak," he said.

The abuser attacked his victim when he found out the young man was dating a woman.

"There was some physicality," the victim said.

"(He was) being right up in my face, telling me that I didn't need a girlfriend, that he was all I needed, that he loved me and that I should love him and appreciate all that he did for me.

"(He said) a girlfriend was only going to take that away.

"He was being quite forceful in what he was saying to me and I remember being physical and pushing him back."

The man, who cannot be named, is serving an eight-year jail term.

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