Kerrod Lawton and Mitchell Schukking are ready to get back into the ring this weekend as a tag team.
Kerrod Lawton and Mitchell Schukking are ready to get back into the ring this weekend as a tag team. Allan Reinikka

Teaming up to fight

THE boys from the Body Count Kompound gym are fit and ready for action with even instructor Mitchell Schukking coming out of a self-imposed retirement to have a go.

Schukking has elected to put his body on the line once more when he team’s up with fellow “retiree” Kerrod Lawton.

“Kerrod and I have not fought for a while and are both over our fighting weights,” Schukking said.

So why do the pair want to travel to Caloundra as a tag team this weekend and compete in contests of three, three-minute rounds with the possibility of having up to three fights on the one card?

While the pair have trained, they have not reached the sort of intensity that would have been expected if fighting regularly over the past 12 months.

Added to the degree of difficulty facing the pair is the extra kilograms carried means they face fighters in a higher division and who are at their best fighting weight. “It (tag fighting) is something different, especially after so long,” Schukking said.

“It is more of a challenge and we are doing it for the fun of it.”

In the tag contest the fighters go at one another with a flurry of kicks and punches before trying to negotiate their way to their home corner where the tag is made.

Once the tag is made, the fight is stopped briefly by the referee until the change over has been completed.

Apart from Schukking and Lawton, the Body Count Kompound gym will have a further six fighters on the bill.

Daniel Doble will fight Cam Hope in the 73kg division.

“Daniel had a good fight last time but lost on points,” Schukking said.

The trainer reckons his fighter learned a lot from the defeat.

“He will be looking to be doing a lot more punching this time,” he said.

It will be a new experience for Aidan Jasperson who has his first fight with the 20-year-old Rockhampton boy facing a 38-year-old.

“Aidan has been with us for six months and comes from a kick boxing family,” he said.

“He is fit and strong and will surprise his opponent with his technique.”

One fight for one win is the record of Luke Hjortshoj but at the weekend he will be in a different style of contest.

His opponent is Dave Rshielly who is suffering an ankle injury. Consequently the pair will face off in a modified boxing bout using 10 ounce gloves and no head gear.

A rib injury in training forced Cory Daye to miss his last fight but he will take on the same opponent, Matt Sorrenson, at the weekend.

Schukking reckons this should be a good contest as the fighters are of similar build and weigh in at 62kg. Sorrenson has a decent record of two wins and a loss with the defeat coming in a fight rescheduled after Daye pulled out with his injury.

Michael “The Bear” Drew has the weight of expectation on his shoulders after an impressive win when the troupe went to Caboolture.

On that occasion he met a heavier and more experienced boxer but still gained the win.

“Michael’s a fit and dedicated trainer,” Schukking said.

“He is fast and with good technique with quick leg strikes,” he added.

There is plenty of incentive for Drew as if he wins this one, he will back up for a fight at the end of August from where he is in line for a televised Queensland title bout.

Schukking is also taking a “greenhorn” with Tim Martin set for his first fight against a fellow novice.

“Tim is our newest fighter, he has been with us a month and a half,” he said.

With both boxers new to the sport, Schukking is not expecting a technical contest but plenty of enthusiasm.

“It should be an all-out boxing brawl,” he joked.

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