STILL FREE: Adam   Hopkins has re-offended .
STILL FREE: Adam Hopkins has re-offended . Facebook

Teen breached suspended sentence three times while on parole

A TEENAGER on parole for a robbery has re-offended so much since his release that he has breached three suspended sentences.

Adam Joseph Hopkins, 19, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified and one of breaching a bail condition - curfew.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said witnesses placed Hopkins in a vehicle in Yeppoon after it had been driven dangerously at Keppel Bay Plaza on May 5.

He said the vehicle had been stolen from Brisbane after someone broke into a house, found car keys kept in a handbag in a bedroom and took the car sometime between 11.45pm on May 4 and 9.45am on May 5.

Mr Studdert said the intruder also stole a Commonwealth Bank card and $200 cash.

He said police found the vehicle abandoned in Yeppoon after receiving the dangerous driving reports.

Mr Studdert said Hopkins was located with a female a short time later.

He said they told police the first time they saw the car was when a friend, Jake, pulled up in the car and asked if they wanted to go for a drive.

Mr Studdert said Hopkins told police he got angry after Jake crashed the car and had taken over the vehicle to drive the female home and that was when Jake told them the car was stolen so Hopkins "panicked” and abandoned it.

The court heard Hopkins had been disqualified from driving for 30 months on April 16. The Morning Bulletin reported Hopkins' disqualification period and suspended sentence on that occasion came after he crashed a red Holden Commodore on the Old Capricorn Highway at 7.40am on March 13.

Hopkins breached bail this time by not being home when police made curfew checks two nights in a row, May 8 and 9.

Defence lawyer Lauren Townsend said Hopkins was doing a course to get into the mining industry and had been working at a scrap metal business.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke raised issue with the fact Hopkins continued to offend after spending nine months in prison for a robbery offence.

In October 2017, Hopkins was ordered to a six-month suspended sentence, operational for 18 months, for many offences, including one in which he was high on ice and threw himself on the front of a vehicle that had stopped as he walked across Murray St.

"Strangely you are still in the community despite repeat offending,” Mr Clarke said.

He ordered Hopkins to another wholly suspended sentence of four months and operational for two years. Hopkins received a further two-and-a-half years disqualification period. Convictions were recorded.

Mr Clarke also ordered Hopkins suspended from April 16 to have the operational period extended by nine months.

Kerri-Anne Mesner

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