Ladice Carter.
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Teen 'cleaned' stolen gear given to trafficking housemates

A TEENAGER entered a relationship with a man 30 years her senior who introduced her to the drug trafficking world and landing time in jail.

Ladice Jade Maree Carter, 19, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton on Thursday to trafficking dangerous drugs, possessing property obtained through trafficking drugs, contravening police direction, possessing a weapon, four bail breaches, two possessing dangerous drugs and one possessing drug utensils.

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand said his client's role in the trafficking enterprise was limited to an administrative role, not handling the drugs.

He said Carter entered a relationship with a 48-year-old who moved two people into his house who were trafficking drugs.

Justice Graeme Crow said Carter's two housemates were selling methamphetamines on tick with their customers stealing property to pay their drug debts.

"Carter would clean the property,” he said.

"Carter would then try to sell the items on Facebook.”

The court heard the Campbell St house was raided on April 24, 2018, with seven occupants detained, stolen items scattered around the property and $2000 cash found on the main offenders.

Evidence found showed the two main offenders would purchase 3.5g meth for $800 from their suppliers and on-sell to 14 different customers.

Mr Ahlstrand said Carter would not have been charged with trafficking drugs had it not been for her admissions to police.

The court heard Carter interpreted notes about drug sales which were written in "jargon”.

Carter was granted bail on the trafficking charge in May with police searching her Hill St, Lakes Creek, residence on October 9 and finding drugs, utensils and she was charged over those and one count of contravening police direction.

When they searched her residence on November 2, they found her in possession of knuckle dusters.

During the period she was on bail, she didn't report to police for 19 days despite her bail conditions requiring her to report three days a week.

She was taken back into custody on January 5 until sentencing last week, serving 163 days pre-sentence custody.

Justice Crow ordered Carter to a head sentence of 2.5 years prison with parole release on May 23 , declaring the pre-sentence custody as time served and convictions recorded.

"She has come from a troubled family background,” Mr Ahlstrand said.

Carter has reconnected with her parents and 11 siblings.

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