Laura Beth Johnson-Badley.
Laura Beth Johnson-Badley.

Teen splits neighbour’s lip in driveway assault

A TEENAGER has admitted to punching her neighbour in the mouth, then continued hitting her after she fell and hit her head on concrete.

Laura Beth Johnson-Badley left the 46-year-old neighbour with a cut lip, a swollen and bruised mouth as well as small cuts to her hand and foot after the altercation in June.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Sarah Rowe told Proserpine Magistrates Court yesterday the neighbour was attempting to return a make-up bag and cigarettes to Johnson-Badley after she had an argument with her partner.

But Johnson-Badley, 19, yelled at the woman to get off her property, but the woman remained in her driveway and told Johnson-Badley to calm down multiple times.

The court heard Johnson-Badley punched the woman multiple times in the mouth, then the woman slipped and hit her head on the concrete garage wall before falling to the ground.

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Sen-Constable Rowe said Johnson-Badley then hit the woman at least twice while she was on the ground.

The court heard the victim then pushed Johnson-Badley and hit her with a thong, before fleeing.

Earlier that day, Johnson-Badley had also hit the woman's car with her hand then paced in front of it while screaming at the woman and Johnson-Badley's partner, who was in the car as well.

The Cannonvale woman yesterday pleaded guilty to one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm and public nuisance.

Lawyer Elizabeth Smith appeared for Johnson-Badley, saying she had no criminal history.

Ms Smith said Johnson-Badley told the neighbour multiple times to just drop the make-up bag and go.

A Cannonvale woman fronted court in Proserpine after assaulting her neighbour. Photo: Deborah Friend
A Cannonvale woman fronted court in Proserpine after assaulting her neighbour. Photo: Deborah Friend

"The victim continued to advance towards her and try to speak with her, which made her more upset," Ms Smith said.

"The defendant accepts her reaction ultimately was disproportionate."

The court heard it was raining, which would have contributed to the woman falling to the ground, and she was left with minor injuries and refused help from paramedics.

Ms Smith asked Magistrate James Morton to consider not recording a conviction as the mother of one was looking for work, was young and had no criminal history.

Mr Morton agreed the assault was at the lower end of the scale, but told Johnson-Badley it seemed she had an axe to grind on the day.

He noted she continued punching the woman while she was on the ground.

Johnson-Badley told the court the woman knew she was handing back an empty cigarette packet, but Johnson-Badley was "stressed" and needed a cigarette to "calm down".

"I'm sure you wouldn't like your son conducting himself in this fashion," Mr Morton said.

"The tree has fallen and you still want to cut it up.

"This is over the top and out of control."

Johnson-Badley was fined $600 and no convictions were recorded.

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