Teenage girl attacked at Stockland

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has described the terror of an attack by a gang of about 20 teenagers who punched and kicked her in a sustained assault at Stockland Rockhampton.

The girl is too afraid of reprisals to be identified or photographed, but her furious grandmother has spoken out and demanded action against some of the shopping centre’s security guards who, she claims, did nothing to stop the vicious bashing.

Erica Walker, who lives in North Rockhampton, says some of the gang used their mobile phones to film the assault as the young thugs took turns in delivering sickening blows to her grand-daughter’s face and head.

“She ran behind a security guard for cover, but he never attempted to help her,” Erica alleged.

“I have made a formal complaint to the centre management and I want action against the guards who stood and allowed this to happen,” she said.

Erica said the attack took place at about 8.30 on Thursday evening when her grand-daughter was alone on a shopping trip.

“We want these children found and charged,” she said.

“There were girls and boys involved and they picked on her for no reason.

“I thought there was a ban on teenagers at Stockland. These kids are just out of control, probably high on paint or something. The parents are to blame. Why aren’t they taking control of their children?”

Her grand-daughter had been traumatised by the experience and covered in bruises, she said.

The attack went on for many minutes and only stopped when another security guard arrived at the scene, near the entrance to The Rock Building Society.

Police and paramedics were called and the victim was treated for her injuries and then taken by ambulance to Rockhampton Hospital for a further examination. It was after midnight when she was allowed home.

The girl said: “I was just walking outside when I turned and saw a gang running towards me. I ran behind a security guard but he did nothing. They were throwing punches at my head, taking turns to hit me and when I fell to the ground they started kicking me.

“It was terrifying. I don’t know what I had done wrong. I didn’t know any of them.”

She said it would be a long time before she had the confidence to go shopping at Stockland again.

A spokeswoman for Stockland Centre Management confirmed there had been an incident that was being investigated by police.

“Police are investigating an incident with local youth that resulted in the alleged assault of one female teen.

“Stockland Rockhampton is assisting police in their investigations for the best possible outcome.

“Stockland Rockhampton values the safety of all shoppers, retailers and staff and will continue to provide 24-hour security on-site to maintain a safe and enjoyable shopping environment,” she said.

It is understood police requested CCTV footage to see if any of the assailants could be identified.

Officers involved in the investigation were unavailable for comment yesterday.

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