'I don't want to go back': Teen tells of first stint in jail

SHE'S only 18 and already racking up a very concerning criminal record.

The Rockhampton teen pleaded guilty to 28 charges in the magistrates court on Friday - all in relation to a stolen credit card and fraudulent transactions. However, those are not the only charges she will have on her record by the end of the year.

The court heard she also has drug-related charges and an arson charge that will be dealt with in the higher courts later.

The credit card fraud offences, where $3471.12 was obtained, were committed in May last year while she was 17.

Police prosecutor Jess King said because of her age and her inability to repay the money, no restitution was sought.

Defence lawyer Zoe Craven said her client was not receiving any income during the offending period last year.

She also failed to report to police, as per bail conditions, eight times this year.

She spent 24 days in pre-sentence custody which was the first opportunity she had to detox from drugs in 12 months and her first time in custody, Ms Craven told the court.

"It was horrible," the 18-year-old told Magistrate Cameron Press from the dock.

"The second night I was put in the safety unit.

"I don't want to go back there."

One of the other charges she pleaded guilty to was unlawful use of a motor vehicle from when she was 16 and was babysitting the car owner's children.

Four children were in the car when she attempted to reverse it out of the driveway and crashed it.

Ms Craven said her client was one of 12 siblings who were placed in foster care and residences when she was nine.

She had remained in contact with her father and younger brother, who were in court supporting her.

The teen told the court she wants to get away from drugs, a bad relationship and to finish Year 12.

"You are at an absolute crossroads in your life and if you choose the wrong path, there will be no turning around," Mr Press said.

He issued an 18-month probation order with a condition of no drug use, along with 100 hours of community service to be completed in a year.

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