Teeth whiteners get black mark

Rockhampton dentist of 14 years Dr Sharon Telford tells her son Owen Telford about the dangers of do-it-yourself teeth whiteners.
Rockhampton dentist of 14 years Dr Sharon Telford tells her son Owen Telford about the dangers of do-it-yourself teeth whiteners. Sharyn Oneill

A VARIETY of do-it-yourself teeth whiteners have left a black mark on the dental industry after being recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for causing burns and blisters on users' gums.

Rockhampton dentist of 14 years and owner of Telford Dental Dr Sharon Telford said she knew of one case where a person's teeth roots were nibbled away and the teeth fell out.

"It depends on who you get it from and where you source your products."

The ACCC made the call after discovering the high concentrations of peroxides used in the products were causing chemical burns, ulcers, discoloured teeth and headaches.

The consumer body has notified suppliers that products containing concentrations of more than 6% hydrogen peroxide or more than 18% carbamide peroxide were unsafe.

The ACCC has already negotiated recalls of nine DIY products, including those made by WhiteSmile Pty Ltd, a brand used by Dr Telford.

She uses the DayWhite and NiteWhite products by WhiteSmile, but not the unsafe DIY versions.

Dr Telford said those sold by her were not recalled because they did not breach the peroxide limitations. She said beauticians and web wholesalers were those hit by the recall.

"I test the whiteners on myself and there are varying strengths."

She advised people to only have their teeth whitened under the supervision of a dentist.



Recalled DIY teeth whiteners:

White My Bite's sensitive, professional and advanced kits

WhiteSmile Pty Ltd's DayWhite, NiteWhite, Sunshine Health whitening gels and Crest Teeth whitening strips

DaVinci Elite Pty Ltd's DaVinci Elite tooth whitening pen and DaVinci elite take-home teeth whitening kit

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