A man breaking into a home.
A man breaking into a home.

Terror as drug users invade home, bash man and ransack house

TWO Rockhampton drug users were sentenced to time in prison after a home invasion left a Frenchville man seriously injured.

Glynn Rowan Oates, 30, and Adriene Elizabeth Weeding, 28, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court on May 28 to burglary in company with property damage and armed robbery in company with personal violence.

Oates also pleaded guilty to several other summary charges, including evade police.

Crown prosecutor Samantha O'Rourke said Oates and Weeding were two of four offenders who entered the 20-year-old victim's home in Frenchville on the morning of May 7, 2019.

Ms O'Rourke said there seemed to have been a plan to steal property from the home.

She said one of the four offenders remained in the car while Oates, Weeding and a third offender made their way towards the house.

Weeding turned off the security cameras outside the home, while Oates walked inside, armed with a baseball bat.

Oates and the other offender broke through the victim's bedroom door and asked if there was anyone else in the house and demanded property, including keys and mobile phone.

The other offender tried to bind the victim's hands with cable tape but was unsuccessful.

Oates handed him the bat and left him alone with the victim.

When the victim tried to escape, the offender struck him with the baseball bat repeatedly before the victim managed to wrestle the bat away from him and started screaming for help.

Meanwhile, Weeding had been upstairs.

She had stolen a set of car keys and gold chain.

Oates returned to the other offender and they both threw bottles of wine at the victim before returning to the car with Weeding.

The victim sustained serious injuries as a result of the assault, including deep lacerations to the skull and scalp.

Both Oates and Weeding had a criminal history. Weeding's criminal history was only minor.

Ms O'Rourke said Oates was on parole and a suspended sentence at the time of committing the offences.

She noted that although both Oates and Weeding did not inflict any of the actual violence suffered by the victim, they were both still liable.

Oates' lawyer Scott Moon said his client had a challenging and "somewhat unstable" upbringing.

Mr Moon said Oates had also struggled with drugs for a long time, even losing contact with his three children due to his addiction.

"Often, we hear the saying if you choose drugs then you lose your family and that is what has happened," he said.

"He has struggled with methamphetamine and that is what has led to this offending. He was affected by methamphetamine at the time and describes the offending as spur of the moment."

He said Oates had attended two substance abuse courses while in custody and was currently off drugs.

"He would like to re-engage with his family and does not want to relapse," he said.

Weeding's lawyer Jordan Ahlstrand said his client had come from a decent family and was embarrassed and ashamed by her offending and the effect it had on her family.

Mr Ahlstrand said Weeding started to smoke cannabis when she was 15 years old and progressed to using methamphetamine in her mid-20s.

"She was couch surfing at the time of the offending," he said.

"She was kicked out of her parents' home due to her continued drug use. She continued to use drugs and ultimately involve herself in this offending."

He said Weeding was not involved in any of the violence suffered by the victim.

"Her involvement was going upstairs to remove a set of car keys and gold chain from the house," he said.

"She was doing as she was instructed."

He said Weeding had since been free from drugs and was completing an Opioid Treatment Program through Alcohol and Other Drugs Services.

Oates was sentenced to prison for three years with 387 days presentence custody declared and parole eligibility set for May 28, 2020.

Weeding was sentenced to prison for two years and four months, suspended after serving six months for three years.

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