IVF: The battle for baby Hendrix is worth it

SPECIALIST: Dr Neil Astill of City Fertility Centre Springfield with baby Hendrix Hartley, 11 weeks, who was conceived by IVF.
SPECIALIST: Dr Neil Astill of City Fertility Centre Springfield with baby Hendrix Hartley, 11 weeks, who was conceived by IVF. David Nielsen

WHEN Ipswich's Stacey and Scott Hartley realised that falling pregnant may not come as easily as they had hoped, enlisting the help of a fertility clinic was not a path they wanted to go down.

But now, as the parents hold nine-week old Hendrix in their arms, they know it was the solution they needed.

Stacey sought the help of Dr Neil Astill at City Fertility Centre at Springfield after unsuccessfully falling pregnant for some time.

She was certain she didn't want any interventions but was grateful of Dr Astill's advice in the end.

"I thought seeing a fertility clinic was going to be traumatic and I didn't think I was ready for it," she said.

"But Dr Astill's genuine helping guidance and friendly nature changed our mindset and we ended up enjoying the journey and fell pregnant on our first IVF cycle.

"Hendrix is such a welcome delight in our lives, we just adore him."

Dr Astill, one of the fertility specialists consulting at the Springfield clinic, said that while there were many happy endings, he also regularly saw the dual problem of infertility and the associated financial burden impacting his patients.

"We see so many couples struggling to make ends meet so we have developed a special offer to try and ease the financial burden that many feel when they have to go through IVF," Dr Astill said.

Not every couple has first IVF cycle success like the Hartleys did.

IVF cycles can cost well in to the thousands with no guarantee that it will result in a pregnancy.

But for patients battling the financial burden of ongoing IVF cycles, there is some reprieve.

City Fertility Centre Springfield patients can access an IVF cycle for $550 out-of-pocket, if they have reached their Medicare safety net for this year.

The reduced price is a fraction of the normal fees and is available until the end of the year.

Dr Astill and fellow consultant Dr Andy Stamatiou have a combined 43 years obstetrics, gynaecology and fertility experience.

In addition to fertility and IVF services they offer a women's health service covering all gynaecological health matters.

"We like being able to offer Springfield couples a completely local fertility and women's health service in a modern and comfortable setting," Dr Astill said.

City Fertility Centre Springfield is located in the Women's Health Centre at 6/23 Commercial Dr, Springfield. Phone 1300 873 583.

For more information about the Medicare Benefits Schedule and its IVF inclusions go to

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