The Block’s big dummy spit: ‘This is dog s**t’

Tensions are at an all-time high on The Block.
Tensions are at an all-time high on The Block.

SUNDAY'S episode of The Block saw couple Ronnie and Georgia earn a perfect score of 30 from the judges for their above-garage studio.

One episode later, and the sheen has worn off as the couple's closest rivals, Josh and Elyse, went to inspect the room that beat them by just half a point.

They were not impressed with what they saw.

Scoping out the space while his partner enjoyed a sleep-in, Josh immediately started picking holes in the room, which Ronnie and Georgia had fitted out as a home office.

Ronnie and Georgia's controversial winning room.
Ronnie and Georgia's controversial winning room.

"That's an insult. You'd f**king vomit if you went in their room," he said, pointing out minor paint imperfections and the fact that much of the plumbing in their ensuite was not yet operational.

They may have scored three 10s, but Ronnie and Georgia’s room wasn't perfect.
They may have scored three 10s, but Ronnie and Georgia’s room wasn't perfect.

Elyse had an even more extreme reaction when she saw the room for herself.

"I saw it and I was speechless for a while. Gobsmacked, actually. I just thought, I don't know what happened here. This is average, average, average," she said.

"When you bust your balls, trying to make your room 100 per cent, and then a room like this wins - it's a stab in the guts," she continued.

She’s ... not taking this well.
She’s ... not taking this well. Channel 9

Cameras caught Elyse bursting into tears as she fled the room, consoled by Josh.

"This is dog s**t. I've been busting my BALLS, and then to come to this? 10 out of 10 my arse."

Later in last night's episode, the pair fronted up to Block host Scott Cam to make a complaint, insisting that they didn't deserve to lose to Ronnie and Georgia. Cam was diplomatic.

There were a lot of high scores, there were 10s everywhere," he told them.

"At the end of the day, Ronnie and Georgia were the only ones that did the garage and also the games room as well, where everybody else just put a lick of paint on."

"The end game is the auction, as we know," he continued.

Josh and Elyse lodge their complaint with Scott Cam.
Josh and Elyse lodge their complaint with Scott Cam.

"You guys have produced something incredible for the auction. It's going to be amazing."

In a recent interview with TV Week, Ronnie and Georgia said they'd been stunned watching the show to see just how much animosity the other contestants had for them.

"We knew we were hated from the start, but we didn't know to what lengths," Ronnie told the magazine.

"It's hard seeing what Sticks and Wombat and Josh and Elyse were saying about us - it was harsh. It's like 'Where does this come from?'

"The hatred they have towards us is absolutely astronomical," he said.

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