FISHING FRIDAY: Scotty says the Keppels are a viable option

ANOTHER windy weekend for the offshore boys as 15 knots is forecast until Monday at this stage.

The Keppels are still a very viable option for anyone with a set-up that handles the bay's sloppy chop.

For those who do head out, there are plenty of species on the chew without having to go the long yards to get them.

Sweeties, trout and parrot will be found anywhere you get a bit of current moving past or into.

The fish in shallow water are always easily spooked so it pays to drop anchor way forward and drop back using the rope until you are in the zone.

For those who have trouble when wind and current are moving you around, the best bet is to get yourself a sea-anchor or drogue.

Let out behind your boat, it will keep you pretty steady, thus increasing your comfort and catch. Mackerel are gaining momentum lately as most of the usual suspects are within easy reach.

Providing the bay stays relatively clean there will be fish at most of the normal mackerel spots, especially those in the bottom end of the bay.

The estuaries are going reasonably well too if recent reports are anything to go by.

Some of the crab numbers have increased quite a bit from previous weeks.

Grunter have been a bit hit-and-miss over the past weeks, however some quality fish were nailed at The Rama, the Pinnacles and Manifold recently.

The blokes using big prawns or fresh squid have done the damage.

Barramundi have been caught almost right along the river lately as The Fitzroy slowly cleans up a bit.

Many of the area's estuaries are still firing for barras on lures and live baits.

As the weather starts to cool down they move into the bays and deeper channel areas towards the front of the systems.

Over the years, from now onwards, we have caught some great fish along the beaches in The Fitzroy Delta.

Last weekend was not quite what we had hoped for but there were a few fish caught around the ridges anyway.

Whiting, flathead and bream numbers are up again and should gather a bit of momentum heading into May.

Apart from prawns, yabbies top the bait list and almost all fish eat yabbies, so remember to take your pump with you and when the action slows at the bottom of the tide just replenish your stocks and you are ready for the run-in.

Salmon is one species that seems to have runs out of the blue, here one day and gone the next.

Many of the locals who chase salmon have a couple of tactics that work for them and each estuary, or up the beach, plays out differently depending on the time of year.

The gutters at the estuary mouths and along the incoming channels are a great starting point where well-presented lures, live baits or even pillies can work sometimes.

Thanks again to Kalka Bait and Tackle, Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot, the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in.

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