Roderick Taylor has been convicted of child sexual abuse.
Roderick Taylor has been convicted of child sexual abuse.

'The kid's a problem child' - BHP exec says of sex victim

"THE kid's a problem child". She is a "liar, manipulative and deceitful".  

This is how central Queensland BHP Billiton senior supply officer Roderick Taylor views the 12-year-old girl he was convicted of sexually abusing.

Taylor has appealed his conviction for indecent treatment of a child under 12.

He pleaded not guilty to two offences in November 2018 and was convicted on one count of indecent treatment, but the jury acquitted him on the second charge.

Taylor was sentenced to nine months in jail but the term was suspended for 12 months, meaning he did not spend time in prison.

On Wednesday, Taylor asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to quash the conviction, saying the jury's decision was unreasonable due to "inconsistencies" and other issues with the victim's testimony.

Representing himself, the Blackwater resident claimed the girl lied when she told authorities about the abuse.

"He was like scooping (my vagina) - it felt really weird," the victim said of the abuse.

"He kept moving it (his hand) backwards and forwards."

Taylor told the Court of Appeal judges he had only sat next to the girl and put his arm around her.

He said his family did not believe the allegations.

"The complainant was a troubled child who engaged in dishonest manipulative behaviour," the former Cairns resident said.

"She stole. She threw tantrums.

"She was often in trouble for telling lies.

"It is inconceivable that the jury could have found her evidence (honest) beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Me and my family are honourable people - the kid's a problem child."

Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic dismissed Taylor's accusations about the victim, saying the youngster's testimony was believable and that the jury had reached the right conclusion when finding him guilty.

Ms Balic also addressed Taylor's complaint that the victim had "lied" about being abused by another male when she was much younger.

Ms Balic rejected the father-of-one's claim this allegation was fabricated, saying just because it was not tested in court did not mean the girl was lying.

The Court of Appeal is yet to deliver its decision.

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