Brendan Drake is concerned about the drugs in his Berkserker street
Brendan Drake is concerned about the drugs in his Berkserker street Jann Houley

The North Rockhampton street dubbed 'Ice Valley'

TEN-year-old boys shooting up is an image most cannot imagine but it's one of the many sights North Rockhampton resident Brendan Drake sees regularly in his street he dubs "ice valley”.

He moved to Phillips St, Berserker six months ago and is reminded of his new surroundings throughout the day and night with sounds from the street causing constant unrest.

"I'm constantly on the phone to police,” Mr Drake said.

"It's during the day, it's at night and it's in the early hours in the morning.”

The sights and sounds he sees "churns” his stomach - he said the young people were throwing their lives away by taking drugs.

"Stay away from drugs all together. You're a fool if you do them,” he said.

Watching young people take drugs is particularly hard for Mr Drake - as the drugs rob their potential he's reminded of a journey he knows too well.

Mr Drake was once one of those young boys and took drugs before he had even left primary school.

He described trying drugs as a slippery slope - by the time he was 16 he was addicted and he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 21.

"My life has been a roller coaster spiralling downwards,” he said.

With the right medication Mr Drake was able to become an Australian boxing contender, compete in 17 professional fights and obtain multiple trades, but he said the condition has caused him to lose sight of his priorities along the way.

He's lost his licence multiple times, lost countless jobs and was frequently unemployed - his condition now prevents the 52-year-old from working and he's confined to his home on a disability pension.

"I have to rely on doctors giving me an injection every week,” he said.

Mr Drake said if the kids in his street continue their habits they'd too be in the same boat.

In the past six months, 10 drug offences have been recorded for Phillips St making it the worst street in Berserker for drugs, according to the Queensland Police Service online crime map.

A Queensland Health spokesperson said children using illegal drugs was distressing and concerning.

"Substance abuse of all kinds can have devastating consequences, leading to illness, injury and early death,” they said.

"It can have a significant impact on individuals, families and entire communities.

"We invest heavily in services across Queensland to help people caught in the grip of dangerous drugs like ice and heroin.”

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service runs a Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs Service in Rockhampton to help young people aged 12-18 who require treatment for substance abuse.

For more information, call 1800 177 833.

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