Actor Charlie Sheen. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAF
Actor Charlie Sheen. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAF

The other five named in Feldman doco

They're the names the world has been waiting to hear but there are still many unanswered questions surrounding them.

Former child star Corey Feldman, now 48, has sensationally named six people who allegedly molested him and the late Corey Haim, in his documentary My Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys.

Feldman, 48, alleged in the film - which premiered with technical issues in Los Angeles on Monday - that Haim said actor Charlie Sheen had raped him in 1986 during the filming of Lucas. Haim was 13 and Sheen was 19 at the time of filming.

Feldman also named three men he had previously accused of sexual abuse.

The first was Jon Grissom, his former assistant who had small roles in License To Drive and Dream A Little Dream, along with the owner of Soda Pop Club - an '80s nightclub for underage child actors - Alphy Hoffman, and former talent manager Marty Weiss.

Alphy didn't respond to the allegations levied against him in 2017 and has so far not responded to the Feldman documentary.

Not much is known about him, but there are multiple news outlets reporting he is still alive.


Corey Feldman in his new documentary ‘My Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys’ about alleged paedophiles in Hollywood.
Corey Feldman in his new documentary ‘My Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys’ about alleged paedophiles in Hollywood.

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In addition, he said Hoffman's late casting director father Bobby Hoffman, and Dominick Brascia, a former actor who died in 2018, had also sexually abused Haim.

Feldman has previously detailed the alleged abuse he suffered while working as a child star in 1980s teen movies including Stand By Me, The Goonies and The Lost Boys.

In several interviews, he has spoken of the "dangerous" dark underbelly of Hollywood, which he says has been permeated at all levels by paedophilia, often referring to a "Hollywood paedophile ring".

Here's what we know so far about the men Feldman has accused in the controversial documentary of sexual assault.



Actor Charlie Sheen pictured in 2016. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAF
Actor Charlie Sheen pictured in 2016. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAF

The alleged abuser who Feldman promised "everyone on the planet will know" has since been revealed as actor Charlie Sheen, who Feldman claims raped fellow child actor Corey Haim in the 1980s. Feldman did not claim Sheen abused him, only Haim.

Ahead of the documentary's anticipated release, Feldman said he was "scared" about naming the well-known figure.

"The one name that is the most dangerous, the one I'm most scared about - it's going to be like Harvey Weinstein all over again," he recently told NBC4 California.

"We (Haim and I) had both been molested as children.

"He was raped physically. I was raped emotionally. I was molested.

"I am saying every name that affected … our lives, and we have victims talking about their experiences."


Lucas cast members Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green in 1986.
Lucas cast members Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green in 1986.

Sheen, 54, has in the past vehemently denied all of Feldman's allegations and has reiterated his stance after the documentary came out.

"These sick, twisted and outlandish allegations never occurred. Period," Sheen said in a statement to via his publicist. "I would urge everyone to consider the source and read what his mother Judy Haim has to say."





In a further twist, Haim's mother Judy sided with Sheen during a previous appearance on The Dr Oz Show.

In his autobiography Coreyography: A Memoir, Feldman revealed shocking accounts of his own abuse, but says he was forced by his publishers to conceal the name of his attackers.

The memoir also detailed Haim's alleged abuse on the set of Lucas, but did not name Sheen.

Sheen has "categorically denied" the claims of abuse against the late Haim in the past, after the same accusations were made by a different actor.



Jon Grissom once worked for Corey Feldman.
Jon Grissom once worked for Corey Feldman.

Grissom was an assistant to Feldman - who has accused him of grooming and sexual abuse.

He worked for Feldman during his heyday as a child star in Hollywood in the '80s.

On November 3, 2017, Feldman, identified Grissom as one of his paedophile abusers.

The Goonies star had vowed for years to expose those who molested him as a child.

Feldman gave Grissom a pseudonym, Ron Crimson, in his book Choreography where he alleged that he was groomed with cocaine and crack.



Grissom is listed as an actor on IMDb and has credits in two Feldman films, License To Drive (1988) and Dream A Little Dream (1989).

Grissom is a convicted paedophile who is wanted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for skipping an offenders program, The Sun reports.



Speaking about Grissom on Dr Oz, Feldman previously said: "This guy on his My Space page and his Facebook page has got pictures of me and Corey Haim.

"He still taunts it and flaunts it."

Grissom has denied the claims in previous comments, saying, "It's not me."

He was named after Feldman levelled accusations against Marty Weiss.


Marty Weiss, 54, was a child talent manager in Hollywood who in 2012 was sentenced on child molestation charges.

The convicted sex offender spent six months in jail.

Separately, Weiss was named by Feldman as one of his alleged abusers.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly in November 2017, Feldman, reportedly said that Weiss molested him when he was a young actor in the 1980s, according to Huffington Post.

"Believe me, I would love the pain to stop today," Feldman said. "This is about creating a cycle of awareness. This is about opening people's eyes and minds to the fact that this is a real problem."

Weiss also denied Feldman's allegations on Twitter last month, tweeting, "Corey Haim would never grandstand sex abuse for profit nor would he have thrown innocent names around due to personal vendettas. The fact that Feldman uses me to convince ppl that CH was a sex fiend is horrific and exposes both his jealousy of Haim & CF's friendship with me."


Feldman claims he was 12 years old when he first met Soda Pop Club owner Alphy Hoffman, according to an interview on The Dr Oz Show. The venue was a private dance club for child stars in Hollywood in the 1980s.

"He came to my house to pick me up in his car and I heard rumours that he threw the coolest parties in town," Feldman previously said.

"He was very connected and he was the son of Bobby Hoffman who was the top casting director at the time for one of the major studios.

"When you got an invite to go to Bobby Hoffman's private party - this was a very big thing.

"And the fact that his son was coming to pick me up himself was also a very big thing, and my mum ushered me into the car and said, 'Go have fun.'"

Along with Feldman, rising stars including Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, Christina Applegate, and Haim were said to be among the invited guests at the elaborate parties.



Though his first few trips to Alphy's were "fairly innocent," the actor claimed subsequent parties were frequented by a powerful group of paedophiles, allegedly including Sheen.

One evening, Feldman recalled passing out and waking up to find porn playing on a screen. "I was like, 'Man, I'm really tired' … I remember I could barely walk," he told Dr Oz in 2017. "I don't know what I was given at that time, but I know that I was really out of it."

He said that Alphy "started doing the same things to me that (Feldman's assistant) Jon (Grissom) had done … I kind of woke up in the middle of it, and I freaked out … I kind of threw him off me and I ran home."

Alphy has not publicly addressed the claims.

Bobby Hoffman was one of the previously unidentified alleged abusers named in the film, according to reports.


Brascia was also the first to discuss allegations against Charlie Sheen in 2017.

In 2017, Dominick Brascia, one of the alleged abusers Feldman named in his film, claimed Haim disclosed the same incident involving Charlie Sheen.

Brascia said Haim told him before he died that Sheen, who was 19 at the time, had sodomised him when he was 13.

"Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed Lucas," Brascia told the National Enquirer. "He told me they smoked pot and had sex. He said they had anal sex. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested."



Kerri Green, Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen on the set of 1986 film Lucas.
Kerri Green, Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen on the set of 1986 film Lucas.

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