Statue Bay road.
Statue Bay road. Allan Reinikka ROK031116astatueb

The wait for TC Marcia reconstruction works will be worth it


That's one word most can use to describe how they feel about the delays in having post Cyclone Marcia reconstruction roadworks carried out.

For me, an avid hiker, the closure of the road up Mt Archer was heartbreaking to say the least.

The other reconstruction project that has frustrated people due to the delays is the project along the Scenic Highway at Statue Bay.

The partial closure of the road for such a long period of time has been frustrating for motorists and the residents living along the detour route.

For me, sitting halfway along Lammermoor Beach a month ago sketching the scene where the damage had been done made me realise just how much reconstruction work was required.

But I have hope!

About the same time I completed the sketch, I was driven up Mt Archer by a local resident who explained what was going on with the cliff stabilisation works for that project.

It was explained to me that the extra work being done would be better for the environment and road users in the long term.

In five years time, you will drive past the reconstruction stabilisation parts and not even realise there had been damage there.

The design of the cliff stabilisation on Mt Archer allows for water to run down the mountain without causing more damage in the future, along with having grass and scrubs grow over the top of the reconstruction face.

I hope we see that happen at Statue Bay because it will be an idyllic painting scene.

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