'There was a throwing of knives': Woman embarrassed by fight

ANGRY at her partner, an Ipswich woman went after him by throwing knives in his direction as he apparently tried to retreat.

However, Ipswich magistrate David Shepherd queried the police facts that Jessie Ayling was pleading guilty to, after her lawyer told the court Ayling tried to leave the house before the offence was committed.

Mr Shepherd said the facts put before him suggested that the man had been trying to leave when Ayling threw knives at him.

Ayling, 26, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to contravening a domestic violence protection order at North Ipswich on September 29 last year.

The police facts were not spoken in the open court, with prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston handing them up to the magistrate Mr Shepherd to read.

Defence lawyer Megan Peace said Ayling accepted the facts, saying that she quickly became intoxicated after some drinks, and that her partner became annoyed, "lecturing her".

Ms Peace said Ayling called a friend to collect her from the house and she walked to calm herself, then returned to the house and had been unable to leave before the argument escalated.

"She is very remorseful and embarrassed about the incident," Ms Peace said.

Mr Shepherd said Ayling was saying she felt that she had to leave (the house) "but the facts are substantially different".

Ms Peace said Ayling did not dispute the police facts.

Mr Shepherd said the man (was saying) he left because she (Ayling) was threatening him.

"She followed him out throwing knives at him," Mr Shepherd said.

"And he had to take a child outside."

Mr Shepherd said he understood how personal relationships could create more friction than desired by either party, but the added pressure of excessive alcohol "doesn't assist".

"There was a throwing of kitchen knives. A child was present," he said.

"Not a good look.

"Children in these circumstances suffer trauma.

"Them witnessing this sort of thing can have a significant impact on them."

Mr Shepherd said Ayling had no criminal history and he would place her on a nine-month supervised probation order that would involve counselling and programs.

A conviction was not recorded.

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