Thieves try to steal car - don't make it to end of street

THIEVES have found out the hard way that a Kia is no match for a securely locked gate.

An unknown number of offenders broke into the Kia Service Centre at Dinmore sometime before 5am this morning.

Ipswich police say that the thieves gained entry to an office building, taking a set of keys to a black Kia, before ramming it through the front gate.

The apparent attempt to steal the car was thwarted by the gate, which damaged the vehicle so badly that the thieves only made it a short distance up Monigold Pl before having to abandon their mission.

Nearby workers discovered the badly damaged vehicle about 4.55am this morning, alerting police.

The service centre is part of the Boettcher Motors group, which has a long history in Ipswich.

Forensic officers scoured the scene in search of clues.

Investigations are continuing.

Four other unsolved stolen vehicle offences in Ipswich

Merton St, East Ipswich, October 27

Between 6.00am and 5.30pm on October 27, offenders have gained access to the vehicle, rummaging through the vehicle and removing property. Offenders have attempted to start the vehicle by damaging the steering column and wires.

Blackall St, East Ipswich, October 28

About 9pm on October 28, the offender has gained access to the vehicle, searching the door pockets and glove box. A witness contacted police and they arrived a short time later and arrested at 28-year-old Bundamba woman at the scene. She is scheduled to appear in the Ipswich Magistrates Court on November 24.

Warwick Rd, Ipswich, October 29

Between 9-11pm on October 29, offenders have entered a purple 1995 Toyota sedan bearing Queensland registration 380WSF.  The offenders located a spare set of keys in the glovebox and drove the vehicle away from the scene.

Downs St, North Ipswich, October 30

About 8pm on October 30, offenders dragged a blue 2007 Kinlon Motorcycle bearing Queensland registration 339OJ away from the location. A member of the public recovered the vehicle from a nearby street and helped the victim return it to her house.

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