Sporty young woman running outside.
Sporty young woman running outside.

Things I’m taking with me post-lockdown

While I'll be sprinting faster than Usain Bolt to my local cafe to sob with relief on the barista, there are some things I have grown to appreciate during lockdown, that I'll be taking with me.

For example, that dash to get a skinny latte will be made all the easier thanks to my dramatic increase in exercise throughout the isolation period. In news that will surprise nobody, trying to balance working from home with homeschooling two young kids has been "challenging", so I have increasingly taken to running away, I mean, jogging.

Hopefully the new-found passion for running will stick. Picture: iStock
Hopefully the new-found passion for running will stick. Picture: iStock

This fulfils three functions - one, I can be totally alone, with no fear of a dog walker asking me what seven is in Spanish, two, running really does improve your mood, which is good news for the rest of my family, and three, I accrue brownie points, by which I mean actual brownies, because of the calorie deficit. The further I run, the more cake I can eat; which makes me feel even better. This cakeorrelation is a keeper.

Another lockdown surprise has been putting my kids to work like a Victorian matriarch. I haven't stuffed them up the chimney - yet - but I did discover they think cleaning the house is a game. My daughters actually fight over who gets the feather duster and think it a great lark to clean the bedrooms and vacuum the floor.

The moral being the family that cleans together … er, has a tidy house.


I'm also going to continue with online get-togethers, because you can tick off social engagements while never leaving the house. You don't even need to get dressed! This really is the best thing ever.


I set up a virtual book club and plan on never attending a real life one again. It's brilliant, you can recruit mates from all over the world - mine includes friends in the US and UK - so you never have that one person who turns up every month solely for the wine/whine, without reading the book. You don't have to supply nibbles and you don't even have to step out of your front door. That's my kind of club.

But probably the most important thing I'm taking with me, is the need for less. Lockdown has taught all of us - by force - a lesson in what we actually need in life. People - myself included - who have experienced a trauma, all say they suddenly see the world with a clarity they previously lacked. Everything changes and you finally realise what life is about.

It's just now it's happened to all of us at the same time. All the sparkly stuff that formerly distracted us - the glamorous lifestyles, designer bags and clothes, must-have cars and shiny accessories, are much like Christmas decorations; pretty when you first put them up, but you feel a sense of relief when you pack them away. You don't miss them - like all those Influencers who have quietly faded away during the pandemic. With nothing to sell, they have nothing to say. I'd like to think they won't return and I won't pay attention, if they do.

My clothes are fine, my kids are fed. The rest of it is fluff.


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